New SOPA/PIPA Update: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Well, because of the protest from the other day (and in spite of the vicious shutdown of Megaupload), the US Congress has delayed test voting on the proposed SOPA/PIPA Bills, and it doesn’t look like any version of the bills will come up for a vote anytime soon. So for the most part, the protests were successful! Either that or this pic scared the crap out of SOPA and PIPA:

Geez, Winspector Fire. JK. Thanks to everyone that supported the protest. Now I feel safe posting news again. 😀 If only I could make myself post anything that could be considered news. 😛

-M.C., the Quantum Protester

(Don’t worry, I’m not interested in posting political news anymore, sticking with straight toku news from now on.)

henshinhead Blacking Out: Protesting SOPA tomorrow.

Hey guys. I’m sure most of my American readers know about SOPA and the Protect-IP laws that have been floating around Congress for some time now. While we of the internet have managed to fight off versions of the bill so far, but they’re still considering keeping portions of the bill, mainly the portions that people have been protesting. So, because I consider this to be an important issue, this blog, along with Wikipedia and other protesting websites, will be going black for 12 hours tomorrow (8a.m.-8p.m. EST January 18th), as part of the largest internet protest to date (also one of the few internet protests to date). Normal operations will be restored shortly after that. Just letting you know now, so as to avoid confusion tomorrow. Apologies to anyone this inconveniences, and thanks to anyone who supports this protest.