Clearer Gobuster Scans and Buddy Roid personalities revealed.

Hey, we have some clearer versions of the Gobuster scans, and from those we can finally read some of whats on those scan. And from those, we can get a sense of the personalities of the new Buddy Roids, the Gobusters’ partner robots. Well, here’s the new scans:

No new info off of these scans, but there’s a lot more info on these scans:

From the Morphin’ Brace, the Gobusters’ henshin device:
Chida: オーケー!すぐ行く!ところで道を教えてくれないか? “O-ke-! Sugu iku! Tokoro de michi wo oshiete kurenai ka?” “Awright! I’m on my way! By the way, mind telling me how to get there?”
Gorisaki: ここは俺に任せてくれないか?だめか。。。”Koko wa ore ni makasete kurenai ka? Dame ka…” “I can’t just take care of things here? Ah, well…”
Usada: 空から一気に攻撃するよ!”Sora kara ikki ni kougeki suru yo!” “I’ll blast them all down from the air!”

From the SouganBlade:
Chida: あいつら。。。あんなところに選んでいたのか。気をつけろ。 “Aitsura… anna tokoro ni erande ita no ka. Ki wo tsukero.” “I can’t believe it… that’s the place they chose? Be careful.”
Gorisaki: ごめん。敵に気づかれないように、慎重に。”Gomen. Teki ni kidzukarenai you ni, shinchou ni.” “Sorry. Approach with caution, don’t let the enemy see you.”
Usada: 敵の反応をキャッチしてあげたよ!急行しよ!”Teki no hannou wo kyacchi shite ageta yo! Kyuukou shi yo!” “I’ve caught the enemy signal! Full speed ahead!”

So from these. I’m guessing: 1) Chida is the type to quickly jump into action, even if he doesn’t know everything that’s going on, 2) Gorisaki is the cautious type, who prefers working from the sidelines, and 3) Usada is the type to go in guns ‘ablaze. Might not be completely accurate, but we probably shouldn’t expect too much depth from side characters like these.

And that’s the only real new info we’ve managed to pull from these scans, or at least the only things anyone seems to care about. I’d personally like a full translation of these pages, but I don’t know anyone with that much time. Oh well.

Anyway, that’s everything for Gobuster at the moment. If anything else pops up, you know where to go.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin