Go-Kaiger Scans: Slightly better versions of last month’s.

Admittedly, all of the scans below are from last month, and elements from all of them have made their way to previous posts on the blog, but these are much better versions, and they include the full magazine pages they came from. And since we’ve already seen them, I won’t need to explain anything.

Okay, so you might not have seen all of them, but if you’ve been following all of this, you should be able to figure out the pics. Anyway, that’s it for now, if anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Go-Kaiger 199 Movie and Upcoming episodes: Pics and Rumors Galore!

Hey, it’s almost the end of the month, so it’s last chance to get in this month’s new scans, announcements, and rumors before May and the next round of stuff starts pelting people in the head. So let’s get in what we still can!

The official movie poster for the Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Heroes movie (coming June 11th) and as you can see, there’s going to be just a boat-load of stuff in the movie. As the title says, there are going to be 199 past heroes in the movie, and it looks like everybody and their mama has been brought back to be in this movie. Between a mix of past actors returning and reprising their roles, a bunch of evil clones, and some of the biggest baddies to ever go up against a Sentai back from hell, this promises to be one big mindblowing, sensory-overloading blockbuster smash hit! And as more news comes out for this, more and more people seem to be coming out of the wood works and making an appearence in this film.

Of them is AkaRed! Knew he wasn’t dead! I wonder if this will confirm my theory that the AkaRed that was seen in Marvelous’ past was really someone else using a Mobirate with an AkaRed Ranger Key? Any way, he isn’t the only one back. Tsutomu Isobe (WolzardFire), Tetsu Inada (DekaMaster), Hochu Otsuka (Signalman), and Odawa Teruaki (NinjaRed/Hyuuga) have been confirmed as voiceover roles in the movie. And the list for the cast reprising their acting roles has just been expanded.

Makoto Naoya returns as Kaijo Tsuyoshi/Akaranger, Miyauchi Hiroshi as Banba Sokichi/Big One, Ohba Kenji as Oume Daigoro/DenjiBlue, Haruta Jyunichi as Kuroda Kanpei/GoggleBlack, Hagiwara Sayoko as Tachibana Rei/DynaPink, Sakamoto Ryosuke as Shiro Go/Red One, Satou Kenta as Hono Riki/RedTurbo, Wada Kenichi as Ryo/Ryu Ranger, and Kikuchi Mika as Umeko/DekaPink. And I’m pretty sure the total list is right there in the corner, but unfortunatly I can’t read Japanese. I can only guess that that’s the whole list. Anyway, here are some more movie screenshots.

And so far that’s what I have for the movie. Now let’s look at some stuff coming up in the series!

Yes, this is what ShinkenGo-KaiOh looks like, and it is sweet! That should be appearing in the upcoming episode, along with Shiba Kaoru fighting Joe for the ShinkenRed Key. And we get a look into Joe’s past and an in-depth look at the person who trained him.

Above is the person that trained Joe, named Sid, and turns out over the next couple of weeks that he is now Barizog. Joe will fight him in ep.12 trying to bring his memory back. It’s also rumored that he will be Go-KaiSilver. And this episode will also show Joe and Marvelous meeting and fighting together for the first time.

And that’s everything… no, wait, I forgot something… oh, yeah that’s right. It was THIS:

BOOM! That’s right! Zyuranger in Episode 11! That (hopefully) means that the Zyuranger tribute episode will be up soon. But it looks like the Carranger Tribute will be next, so who know’s how long we’ll have to wait for the Zyuranger tribute. However, in episode 14, it looks like an old friend of Marvelous mysteriously shows up, so who knows, could be a trap, could be Go-KaiSilver. Let’s watch and find out!

-M.C, the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (4/29/11) Here we go, one last minute pic for the month of April.

Hopefully next month we’ll be able to see an actual, non-editted photo of this guy.

Go-Kaiger Gallery: Pics from the upcoming movie.

Here are some pics that have been making their way across the interwebs of the upcoming Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle. Enjoy:

Ok, so some of these pics warrant an explanation. The first pic is actually a new spin on the Legendary War, showing that these other extra warriors also fought in it, though there’s no explanation as to when or how. The second is the team-up henshin formation of the two teams. The next three pics show both the Go-Kaigers the and Goseigers actually fighting past senshi. No explanation as to why yet, but something will probably pop out of the rumor mill sometime soon. As you can see, Go-KaiPink is shooting at BattleFrance and BattleKenya, SuperGoseiRed is taking one the four primary members of JAKQ, and Go-KaiRed is fighting various red senshi, including MegaRed and BoukenRed (and I think that might be GoRed just outside the picture, it looks like the sidearm they used in that series). The next two pics are also related, as the Go-Kaigers and Goseigers will be split up at the start of the main fight into other “spaces”, much like in what happened in Shinkenger Vs. Go-onger. Alata and Marvelous are sent to a space filled with Biibis and actually go up against a revived Burajira (what does it take to kill that guy?). Moune and Luka (seen henshining together) end up in a space similar to Edo period Japan, with Agri and Joe it seems. It’s unknown what will happen to the others. The next pic shows Alata stealing the Goseiger Ranger Keys, although most of the blogs say that he’s just stealing GoseiKnight’s Key. In the beginning of the movie, the Goseigers steal their Keys from the Go-Kaigers, which gives them back their powers. The next two pics are two of the former enemies that will be revived in this movie. The first is Black Cross King, Black Cross Fuhrer as he use to be called, the enemy of Goranger, who is back from hell to take revenge on the Super Sentai teams, and revives other past enemies of Super Sentai to fight with him. The next is a revived Burajira, who is now calling himself “Fukkatsu no Kyuuseishu no Burajira” (Revival Messiah Burajira), and he now sports the symbol of the Black Cross Army. There are also rumors that Yogoshimakuritain of Go-onger and Dagon of Magiranger will also be revived, along with others yet to be named. And the last pic is of the Go-Kaigers and Goseigers together using the new “Super Sentai Bazooka”, not much word on where or how they get it, or who gives it to them.

That’s it for now, if I find out anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum twin.

UPDATE: It seems that, at least according to the rumors, that the reason they are fighting these other senshi is because Black Cross stole the treasure chest that had the all the Ranger Keys, and used those powers to make evil versions of all these senshi. But like anything else, it’s just a rumor for now.

UPDATE: (3/24/11) Some more pics have surfaced let’s take a look.

The first shows that Satoru/BoukenRed, Saki/Go-onYellow, Chiaki/ShinkenGreen, and Genta/ShinkenGold will be making guest appearenes in the movie (is it just me, or does Chiaki look really short in that pic). The second has Go-KaiPink and GoseiPink going up against 11 past pink senshi [clockwise from left, OhPink, GaoWhite, TimePink, GoPink, MagiPink, BoukenPink, DekaPink, PinkFive(Bioman), MegaPink, WhiteSwan(Jetman), Houou Ranger(Dairanger)], enforcing the rumor that they will go up against evil versions of the past senshi in the movie. If anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

UPDATE: (3/26/11) New pic for episode 7, where it is confirmed that Jan/GekiRed will be appearing, along with Master Xia Fu. There may be others, but I’m not sure.

More to come!

Go-Kaiger’s and OOO’s Glorious Return!

Today was a very special day in the world of tokusatsu. Both Go-Kaiger and OOO had new episodes today (Sunday 3/20) since they cancelled both shows last week due the earthquake and subsequent events following. And the videos came early and kept coming. This is such a big deal that I’m going to have actual episode reviews for both new episodes! I know I said before that I wouldn’t have episode-to-episode reviews, but this is definitely an exception.

But before I get to the reviews, I want to talk about two things that happened in both episodes. First, both episodes were followed by the first airing of the previews for their upcoming movies, although they weren’t any different from the previews on their official websites. Actually, the preview for the OOO movie was new, but the Go-Kaiger movie wasn’t. After the new episode of Go-Kaiger was the ad for the upcoming Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Warriors movie, and after OOO came the OOO Den-O All Riders: Let’s Go, Kamen Rider! movie. Both of course are special anniversary movies, and both I believe are coming sometime in April, I’m not sure if they changed the original release date or not. And something else that happened in both episodes that I noticed, which may be more important, is that neither show started or ended with the sponsors segment (i.e., the part where the voice over lady announces that the following businesses sponsored this episode of whatever it is). Now whether that is because they have no sponsors, or because they felt it was inappropriate to push sponsors after a major disaster, I’m not sure. No one has really said why. At least we got to see some really good shots for next week’s episodes.

And now for the reviews.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee complete accuracy at this moment, at least not until I see subbed versions of these shows.

Go-Kaiger Chapter 5: Judgement Pirates

Episode starts out on the ship, where Luka is reading a newspaper from space (what, they don’t have iPads in space? purely sarcastic remark), when she comes across a full two-page ad that has their wanted posters on it. While Marvelous dashes it off, everyone else is concerned about these wanted posters getting out. Then Navi gives some prediction, and they go off. Everyone is a little cautious, I guess from Navi’s prediction, but Marvelous just goes running off straight into a police station, where he is immediately identified from his wanted poster. And who is there to make the arrest? Why it’s Jasmine/DekaYellow, who tries to bring him in and threatens to arrest the other for piracy. They try to talk her out of it, saying that Zangyack placed those charges against them, and that Zangyack is the real enemy, but she’s more concerned with bringing in Marvelous. So, they run a distraction for all the other cops in the room, while Marvelous makes a break for it. As soon as he gets outside though, he’s stopped by Doggie Krueger/DekaMaster. And since Doggie was bringing him in, he took Marvelous’ mobirate. Of course, right after Doggie has him where he wants him, that’s when Zangyack’s MOTW (monster of the week) shows up and starts the countdown on a very menacing-looking device. Of course, since they were criminals committing a crime right in front of a cop, Krueger had to step in and try to stop them, even risking himself to keep Marvelous out-of-the-way. While that fight was going on, the others ran into other Gomin, and fought them using Go-onger and Dairanger powers. The scene turns back to Krueger and Marvelous who just managed to get away from the fight, and Marvelous is still trying to get Krueger to let him go, but since Krueger is a cop and has sworn to turn in all criminals, he just won’t, and tells him to stay in that hiding spot while he goes back to stop them. It seems that he also doesn’t have his sentai powers even though he didn’t fight in the Legendary War, just thought I should include that. But when he left, Marvelous notices blood on the floor and remembers seeing Krueger getting shot while protecting him. So, just before they finish off Krueger, Marvelous swoops in and manages to save him. They find themselves back in the room they were hiding in, and as a form of gratitude, and as a way of acknowledging that Marvelous isn’t just some evil space pirate, he un-cuffs him and gives him back his mobirate. And of course now that Marvelous has his mobirate back, he takes care of the motw’s Gomins and destroys the machine just in time. Of course, now that that’s happened, the fight continues outside where he meets up with everyone else, and they all change into Dekaranger, and just like in chapter 3, they go through the Dekaranger henshin sequence and an instrumental version of the main theme of Dekaranger plays in the background. They even use one a Dekaranger signature finisher to take down the motw. And all this while Doggie Krueger looks on. But of course, the fight doesn’t end there. This time, only the motw is made giant, and threatens to use the weapon himself, so it’s Go-KaiOh time. And now that they unlock the full powers of Dekaranger, they get DekaRacer, forming DekaGo-KaiOh. If you need a picture, just check the last gallery. Not only does it separate, and drive up the side of a building to fight the monster, but when it recombines with Go-KaiOh, its twin blasters separate and Go-KaiOh can use them. And for the big finish, the parts of DekaRacer in the arms and legs act like gatling guns and blow the motw to kingdom come. Later they are back on the ground, trying to get Krueger to help, when they rum into armed officers with their weapons at the ready (again) when Ban/DekaRed shows up and basically declares that they won’t recognize the claims that the Go-Kaigers are pirates. There is some dialogue between Ban and Marvelous, and like in chp.3, the DekaRed uniform appears in front of Ban for a moment. And then everyone goes on their merry way. And from what I could see of next week’s episode, it will definitely be centered in Luka.

UPDATE: (3/23/11) Hey, wanted to do this earlier, but something was up with WordPress. Anyway, it seems that Zangyack had almost doubled the reward for all of them, to which everyone was impressed but not too concerned about. Marvelous asked Navi for another prediction, and after hitting his head on the ceiling, he told them “If you’re looking for something, it’s always a good idea to ask at a police station”. So that’s why they went to the police station.  Marvelous ran in, asked if anyone knew where the greatest treasure in the universe was, and Jasmine/DekaYellow tricked him into allowing her to arrest him. She told the other to turn themselves in, they acted like they were going to fight, and then ran for it. Marvelous fought off the cops and managed to escape, but was caught by Doggie Kruger. Then Zangyack showed up, still didn’t catch his name, and motw was starting the countdown on a series of underground drilling missiles targeted at every major city in the world. Kruger was just observing then, but Ahim, who safely got back to the ship with the others, called Marvelous’ mobirate right then, and they were forced to reveal themselves and fight their way out. They got away, Kruger refused to let Marvelous go, and went back to bring in the motw. But Marvelous saw a blood trail following Kruger and realized that Kruger was hurt. Back inside the oddly unoccupied warehouse, Kruger managed to get to this upper level right above the Zangyack, but before he could act, the wound flared up, causing him to convulse, and a drop of his blood fell on motw’s head. He turn’s around shoots at Kruger, and Kruger falls into a bunch barrels. As they were going to finish off Kruger, Marvelous swooped in and got him out. Outside, the others, who were tracking Marvelous using their mobirates, ran into Gomins outside of the warehouse, and fought them using Go-onger and Dairanger powers. Back to Marvelous and Kruger, Kruger asked why he came back to save him, and why he didn’t try to run. Marvelous said that he owed Kruger for getting hurt protecting him, and that he was following his honor code. Kruger was surprised to see that a pirate had an honor code, and went on to say that even of Marvelous had run away, that SPD and Zangyack pursue him and his crew, and that there would be no place to hide. Marvelous said he didn’t care, that he would do what he needed to, and that he would live the way he does, even if the whole universe was his enemy. And as he was turning around to deal with old motw, Kruger uncuffed him and gave him back his mobirate, telling him not to just leave. Marvelous joked about not blaming him for what might happen, and then he went back and destroyed the machine after taking out the Gomin in the warehouse, with a second left on the clock. The fight went outside, the others showed up, they thought he had just run away from SPD, but he told them that he was helped out by a “goody two-shoes space cop”, and Kruger came out and said it was he that was helped by a goody two-shoes space pirate. They turned around, started fighting motw, and halfway through, changed into Dekaranger, and blew him up. In the Zangyack ship, Gil was losing it, and ordered Inzan to fire the reviving laser (that has no official name btw). Needless to say, motw got bigger, threatened to use the missiles himself, Go-KaiOh was called in, and they started fighting. They managed to get the missile away from him and sent it into the fleet, where Gil got pissed off even more. Then Kruger called to them and said that they should now be able to use Dekaranger’s full power. They did the little key turn thing, and they changed into DekaGo-KaiOh, and could then use Pat-Striker (sorry I got the name wrong the first time, I didn’t actually watch Dekaranger, or that much of Power Rangers SPD now that I think about it). It ran around on its own, shot at motw a few times, drove up the side of a building and shot at him some more, then it recombined with Go-KaiOh and it’s blasters separated into two guns that Go-KaiOh could use on motw, and they shot at him gansta-style, too. Man, Go-KaiOh is awesome! Any way, they finished motw off with what they called Gokai Full Burst, where they shot at motw with the gattling guns stored in Pat-Striker’s wheel base. Monster go boom, fight over. Later, they were carrying Kruger out, when they were swarmed by officers, again. Then Ban/DekaRed showed up, and declared that their special investigation into Go-Kaiger revealed that the charges of piracy were false, and that they were nothing more than lies perpetrated by Zangyack, and that they were free to go. As the Go-Kaigers were leaving, Ban called to them and said that they better be careful with the Dekaranger’s powers. To which Marvelous replied that if they had any complaints, they knew how to find them.

UPDATE: (3/24/11) The moster’s name was Bramdu. That is all.

Kamen Rider OOO ep. 26: Ankh, the Fighter, and Full Armament

Starts out with Date treating Eiji’s wounds from his fight with the Parrot Yummy, and them trying to figure out just what the Yummy has been doing and what he did with the boxer. Because it is a bird Yummy, and Ankh attempted to protect it during the last fight, there are many implications that Ankh created it in the first place (of course we already knew he didn’t, but they didn’t know, so they had to figure it out). Even Eiji seems unsure at this point, and wants to go right back out there to find out for sure, but his injuries were too much then and he was forced to sit out while Date and Gotou went to look for the Yummy and the boxer. Of course, Hina is worried that Eiji might be suffering from the same kind of punch-drunk effects that the boxer showed signs of, due to all the fights and physical drain caused by the combos. Date tried to reassure her, but they needed to leave then  to make sure that the Parrot didn’t attack any more boxers. In the mean time, the Yummy is trying to get the boxer to act on his still-present desire to fight, even going out and getting the boxer that he was supposed to fight before his injury forced him to retire. Of course, Date shows up and tries to stop him, but to no luck, leaving them with the task of trying to find out where they are. At this point in the episode, we come to Dr.Maki sitting in his car, which is parked about 20 ft from the entrance to Cous Coussier, while he is watching Chiyoko. And it’s revealed that his freak out over seeing her picture in that pamphlet is because she looks exactly like his older sister who died when he was young, which might explain his obsession with endings. Of course by this point, Eiji is out trying to help, but his injuries are still very severe and he can barely make his way around. He managed to run into Date and Gotou, who tried to convince him to go back, but he still felt like Ankh was innocent and that he had to help out him and the boxer, so he jumped on a RideVendor and drove off. Later the boxer and the person he was supposed to fight before meet up and prepare to fight one another. As they fight, Ankh gets caught in a fight with the Parrot Yummy, and is just saved by Eiji, who fights the Yummy in TaToBa form, while Date and Gotou try to stop the fight between the boxers. They end up having to go after the Yummy, leaving the boxers to fight alone. As they corner the Yummy, Date henshins into Birth, and reveals Birth’s BirthDay form, as he has all weapons deployed. And Eiji manages to finish off the Yummy using ShaUTa form. Back in the ring, both boxers had knocked each other down, and the feathers on the boxer’s broken hand had disappeared. Even though there was no winner, the boxer was glad that he was able to have that last fight, so that he could end his career in dignity. As the show ended, Kougami was finishing a new cake, and wishing “Happy Birthday!” to Ankh’s left hand, which was seen at the end. And in next week’s episode, they are all filming a Kamen Rider movie (refering to Ichigo) and it appears that OOO will have to face two different Yummies.

UPDATE: (3/23/11) I wasn’t too far off on this one. While Date was trying to treat Eiji’s wounds, Eiji was still defending Ankh, saying that Ankh didn’t revive like the other, that he can’t produce his own Yummies, that he let the Yummy live to find out who had his Core Medals. Date and Gotou decided to leave to try to find Okamura (the boxer) and stop the Parrot Yummy (which Date kept calling a chicken) before it hurt anyone else. Hina was worried about Eiji possibly being punch-drunk like Okamura, and tried to ask Date if he knew anything, but neither him nor Gotou knew enough about how being OOO and using combos affected his system, which left them all even more worried. It then went to Date and Gotou in a different part of town talking about how neither of them really got involved with any of that at Kougami because of their own circumstances (Date because he was just in it for the money at the time, and Gotou because he was so anxoius to fight), and Gotou said that he wanted to go back to Kougami. Elsewhere, Cazari was talking to Dr. Maki about the new Yummy and where it came from. After that, Dr. Maki went on to spy on Chiyoko, who, as it turns out, greatly resembles Dr. Maki’s deceased older sister. In the mean time, the Yummy was trying to get Okamura to act on his desires to box again, and of course, was successful in doing so. But in order for his desire to be completely fulfilled, he has to fight Takeda (the other boxer he was supposed to fight for the title). So the Yummy swoops into the gym Takeda is training at, and tells him that the man that he was meant to fight is ready for him. Date has already transformed and tries to fight the Yummy, but in the end, Takeda chooses to go with the Yummy to wherever Okamura is. At this point, Hina realizes that Eiji is missing from his room. He managed to catch up with Date and Gotou while they are looking for Okamura, and tells them about the gym Okamura trained at before he went pro, and that the Yummy probably took him there. They try to tell Eiji that they can handle this on their own, but Eiji refuses to go back, and when they try to talk him out of fighting, on the chance that Ankh could join in, Eiji tells them that he has been prepared to fight Ankh since the very beginning, but today wasn’t that day. Eiji hops on a RideVendor and heads out, leaving Date and Gotou to find their own way there. Back at the gym where the Yummy is hiding Okamura and Takeda, the Yummy starts the fight, while starting a fight with Ankh, whose been spying on the Yummy this whole time. Before the Yummy has a chance to finish off Ankh, Eiji pulls up and tells Ankh that he was onto Ankh’s real plan, to allow the Yummy to survive and find out who had Ankh’s Core Medals, and that he gave Eiji his Cores as insurance that they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. And Ankh harkened back with a contrite remark about how sharp Eiji was despite being a fool, and then it was OOO time. While he fought the Yummy outside, Okamura and Takeda were going at it inside. Date and Gotou showed up and tried to stop their fight, but even with Okamura still punch-drunk, there was no way they would stop. Then OOO and the Yummy came crashing through the ceiling, and Date was forced to deal with that instead. Outside, Eiji was losing steam, even this short fight was almost too much. Date came in, henshined into Birth, and took over the fight, even revealing BirthDay form. Then OOO finished off the Yummy in ShaUTa form. Back inside the ring, both boxers had knocked each other out, and the Yummies effect wore off. But that didn’t deter Okamura, who decided then that he was going to go through physical therapy and get back in the ring, and Takeda promised to make sure that he kept the championship title until then. And I already told you how it ended before, so I am done.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep you updated about these shows and others. Sorry, I won’t do an episode review for the new episode of Power Rangers Samurai, but I’ll try to report any news about that too. And any other major toku-related news that might pop up, I will report on that. Once again, I ask that you donate to the Super Hero Time Japan Relief Effort(http://superherotime.chipin.com/super-hero-time ) , and to check out henshinGARB, but only if you’re interested. Check in later.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Gosei Sentai top jar equipment came back last epic | Toei Video

Gosei Sentai top jar equipment came back last epic | Toei Video

via Gosei Sentai top jar equipment came back last epic | Toei Video.

This is the official site for the Goseiger DVD release, “Come Back, Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Last Epic”. I’m busy today, huh? From what I can tell, it takes place some time after their final battle with Burajira, they’ve settled into lives among normal people, until Alata used his abilities to fight off bank robbers, accidentally revealing himself and the other, instantly boosting them to a celebrity status. But at the height of their popularity, something happens to cause those same people to turn on them, finding themselves in a greater bind than before. There’s a new storyline, a new enemy (and a couple of old ones), and plenty of action and humor (at least I’m speculating that it will have these things). It’s set for release June 10th, with a special edition release on June 21st. Apparently, they did this because of the overwhelming response to the Shinkenger DVD release.

Gosei Sentai 199 Super Hero Roll up Gokaija jar

Gosei Sentai 199 Super Hero Roll up Gokaija jar

via Gosei Sentai 199 Super Hero Roll up Gokaija jar.

Follow the above link to the site of the first official Go-Kaiger movie “Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai: 199 Hero Daikessen”, which will feature 199 sentai senshi, past and present. This will feature Goseiger with their powers, Black Cross, the original Super Sentai villain, will be revived to take revenge on the Super Sentai teams, and unlike previous rumors that Go-Kaiger would just change into all these past sentais, they will appear in the movie fighting with Go-Kaiger in this new Legend War. The only thing we don’t know at this point is who will be in the movie. So far we have 182 past senshi and the 5 Go-Kaigers, but that still leaves 12 unkown senshi. Will we get a preview of the next series? Will Go-KaiSilver debut in the film, like Kamen Rider Accel did in the first KRW movie? Who knows, but as the rumors start clearing up soon, we should get a better picture.

UPDATE: An official synopsis of the movie has been released, and it goes a little something like this:


For those of you who can’t read Japanese (neither can I), here’s what I got off of Jefusion:

“In order to protect Earth and the future of humanity, Goseiger and the previous 34 Super Sentai had lost all of their powers when fighting Zangyack during Legend War.

Several years have passed since then, and now Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger who came to Earth in order to find “the biggest treasure in the universe” are fighting against Zangyack once again. With the power of Ranger Keys, they were able to transform into multiple heroes and face the enemies. But then, the five warriors of Goseiger who had lost their powers appeared! And they were able to transform again by stealing away the Ranger Keys from Gokaiger!

Meanwhile, Zangyack was facing a mysterious dark force. The true identity of that mysterious force is the Black Cross Army’s leader “Black Cross King” who have returned from hell. With their own various reasons, Zangyack and Black Cross King are teaming up. The evil allied force uses their flagship Gigant Horse to assault GokaiGalleon and also revives previous villians one by one, driving Gokaiger and Goseiger into a corner. The enemies attacks are endless! At this rate, will Earth really be conquered by them?”


Now, for those of you crying foul that I just copied this from Jefusion, I would like to say all he did was translate what was in the synopsis, so I didn’t really do anything overly bad. I also found the links for Super-Sentai.net and Toei’s .jp website, and I will be adding them to the site. Just though you would like those.

I want to shoot a couple of ideas at you: A Modest proposal to Saban on how to handle Power Rangers and Upcoming Super Sentai Series after Samurai.

Well, we found ourselves at a very odd point, folks. We’re in between two massive premieres, Power Rangers Samurai, which of course was Monday, and Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger, which premieres Sunday morning in Japan, so there won’t be any real news until after the second premiere. So to fill the time, I thought I would go off on something that’s been spinning around in the back of my mind for a while now. Mainly, how Saban would handle Power Rangers series after Power Rangers Samurai. For those of you who still haven’t heard, Saban and Nick plan on having Power Rangers Samurai run for two seasons, longer than normal, in anticipation of their success. Because of that, there are still a lot of questions over how they’ll handle later seasons at this point. As far as Super Sentai is concerned, its been producing series for the last 35 years, and there’s no way they’ll stop anytime soon. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Saban will make every one of them into a Power Rangers series. After all, they never made Dairanger into a series, even if they used elements from the show in MMPR. So here’s my ideas on what Saban could do to stay on track with Super Sentai. (If anybody, either from Saban or who knows somebody at Saban, could read this and send it to the people specifically in charge of producing and distributing Power Rangers, that would be morphenominal)

 Let’s start with Goseiger. Instead of waiting two years, or skipping the series, how about this: After the first season of PRS (Power Rangers Samurai, for those of you who don’t understand acronyms), start showing the Power Rangers version of Goseiger alongside the second season of PRS, and have that last for two seasons, and just do every season of Power Rangers like that from now on. Have the older series come on earlier than the new series, and then when you finish with a series, just have the newer series take its time slot, while a new series premieres in the later time slot. That way, Power Rangers won’t be more than two seasons behind Super Sentai, and they could have a team-up special between the two series, somewhere near the end of the older series second season and the newer series first season. Plus, it would be a way to maximize profits, since you could potentially have people purchasing toys and merchandise from both series at the same time, or at least from their personal favorite of the two.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s go over how to handle Goseiger as a Power Rangers series. Because it’s essentially angel-themed, there could be some complications if by chance it rubs off as being religiously themed. Don’t be afraid to work the angel theme, but keep in mind some people might take it as religious indoctrination. The best way to counteract that, as I see it, is to take whats in the series and put it in MMPR terms. For example, Master Head could be a revived Zordon in a new form, Datas could be more like a new version of Alpha 5, you could even make the Rangers aliens from a planet like Edenoi or Aquatar, or simply from another dimension connected to Earth through Heaven’s Tower. Considering how much Goseiger is like the MMPR on the surface, it could work rather well.

And since we’re talking about speculative future Power Rangers Series, why don’t we go ahead and talk about Go-Kaiger. You can do whatever you want with the pirate theme, as long as you keep a pirate theme. No, I’m more concerned with the Super Sentai series that came before Zyuranger that you’ve in no way covered  before now. The main premise of Go-Kaiger, as I’ve so far learned from rumors on other blogs and forums, is that from episode to episode, the Go-Kaigers will travel to different “islands” across time and space representing the previous Super Sentai series, and will have adventures related to the particular series there visiting. This includes changing into the Rangers from those series. Now that’s fine, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for you to handle. But what will you do about the previous Super Sentai series? Will you either include them into the show, or will you simply try your best to skip over them as you can? Well, I believe that I may have a solution for you. First off, when you get to the series, start out with episode dealing with the series that already have Power Ranger equivalents. I would start out with MMPR and work out the order from there. After you’ve worked out the episodes for those seasons, then bring in the other Super Sentai series as some sort of mysterious “Lost Rangers” or “Forgotten Rangers”, and come up with names and backgrounds etc, for those seasons and incorporate them into the Power Rangers cannon (for those of you reading this post and are unaware of literary terminology, I’m referring to a collection of stories or tales that represent some significance, not to something you use to destroy monsters with, but they can use those too). Since it appears that Go-Kaiger will start off with the first series Goranger, then you could probably do a little creative juggling and hold off to do them as one of the last or the first of these “Lost Rangers” series. Just to clarify, it won’t be necessary to produce Power Ranger equivalents to all these other series, just figure out a way to bring them into the show. That way, it won’t be necessary to try to figure out a way to write them out when you produce a Power Rangers series for Go-Kaiger.

Well those are my ideas for how Saban could work in new seasons of Power Rangers from recent or upcoming Super Sentai series. I wouldn’t mind hearing your opinions on it. And once again, if anyone out there stumbles upon this who is either involved with Saban or knows someone who is, could you send this to them. Not only would that be the most awesome of awesome things EVER, but because, and lets face it, they’re probably working in this right now, if they haven’t been working on this already.

 And for those nay-sayers who think that Power Rangers won’t last for much longer, and that I’ve just been wasting my time writing this, let me say this to you: up until last year, Power Rangers has been producing new episodes and new seasons since the end of the original Mighty Morhpin’ Power Rangers back in 1995, and the only reason people lost any conscious awareness of the series was because Disney obtained the rights to the show in 2001, appearing on Disney-owned channels since September of 2002, and Disney did very little to promote it. In recent years, the show had almost been buried underneath other Disney programming, whether it was on the Disney channel, Toon Disney as part of Jetix, or ABC as part of ABC Kids. Through that, and a general lack of promotion of the show itself (even if they constantly promoted the toys), the show’s popularity and ratings tanked. Had the show made it onto another network long before now, I might not be writing about it now. But that is what happened, and all Saban and Nick can do right now is make sure the show is promoted and becomes popular enough now so that it can have the revival that, quite frankly, we all would want to see. 

And with that, I say this: Go Go Power Rangers!

-M.C., the quantum twin

P.S.: Just so you know, I’m free to work on any of these Power Rangers series. I can work behind or in front of the camera, anywhere you need me to really. I might not be in the best shape, I’m slightly overweight, but I have acting and martial arts experience, and I’ve wanted to be a Power Ranger since I was two, so you know I’ll always be motivated and ready to come into to work! I’m not asking for a Red Ranger role, necessarily, I would be happy with Blue, even Green/Black, or any sort of special Ranger would work, too.

UPDATE: Well, given what I’ve seen so far from the first episode of Go-Kaiger, it seems that I may have to adjust my proposal slightly. First off, if Saban chooses to make Go-Kaiger into a series, and not skip it, may I say, good luck to them. Second, since Go-Kaiger can basically change into any past Sentai at any point in the story, might I suggest the following for how to handle the first episode: Reconstruct the opening fight scene, using Rangers from series that have been “Ranger-ized” (easier than explaining out the whole Ranger equivalent thing) and then either a.) introduce them as “lost” rangers like I suggested before, or b.) do what you did for Kakuranger, introduce them as “Alien” Power Rangers that they happen to have RangerKeys for. It would be alot easier than skipping around, heavily editing the footage from Go-Kaiger and trying to make a lot of your own stuff to compensate. You know what, while you’re at it, make that guy that’s playing Spike in this new season the Green pirate ranger, just to have a way to incorporate him and Bulk into the main storyline, and because that would just be neat. Of course, you might have to rework the charcter, making him a bit more serious and giving him a little common sense, but not too much, then he wouldn’t be funny. And once again, I offer my services in front of and behind the camera.

Farewell, Goseiger: A Tribute to one of the finest Super Sentai series I’ve ever seen.

Today was the finale for Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and I must say, they did an excellent job with it! For those of you who saw the episode, skip on to the next paragraph; if not, then keep on reading. The episode started off with very fast-paced action, as they continued their fight with Burajira, starting with a combined suit-less roll call while they individually henshined, fighting Burajira without needing to rely on their super Goseiger powers. Of course, while they fought, the full solar eclipse took place, so Burajira attempted to take advantage of the situation, but they managed to fight him off, even having a giant mecha battle where they summoned the other headders to fight with them, forming a Skyick Landick Seaick Gosei Great, but even that wasn’t enough to stop him, though it made a big dent. After a giant explosion, they find themselves on the ground again with a nearly defeated Burajira, when Alata charges at him once more. Alata asked Burajira again why he was so intent on destroying the very world that gave him life, and Burajira justs gave that maniacal laugh, and thus the fighting started again. After a couple of minutes of back and forth, Alatat struck him down, at least he thought. The eclipse passed, and everything seemed like they were in the clear, but thats when Burajira popped up and allowed himself to be destroyed, filling the drills with his Dark Gosei Power, which shot them into overdrive and left Goseiger ten minutes to stop the drills and save the world from destruction. While they were trying to stop the drills Alata told them all of the great realization he had: that the reason that they were given the powers they have and why they were left on Earth to carry out the Gosei mission even though they were innature, was because they were immature, and after another one of his supershort inspirational speeches, they channeled their Gosei power, flew into the air, and combined their power and focused it across the whole world. Not only did they undo the damage caused by the drills, but the energy was enough to rebuild Heaven’s Tower. After that, there back at Dr. Amachi’s observatory and Master Head is telling them that they are full Gosei angels now, and that they can come back to Gosei World. But they ask to stay on Earth for the time being, so that they can experience more and mature a little more. Nozomu was excited by this, thinking that they planned on staying with them, only to be upset when they tell him that they aren’t. After running out of the room, Alata, goes after him to explain to him that just because they weren’t staying, didn’t mean they would never come back, or that they didn’t care about Nozomu. And with a small goodbye scene on the bridge that they showed in the ending credits, they all flew off to their own way. Datas and GoseiKnight, well they just sort of flew off into nowhere, while the rest of the Goseiger sort of went back to what they were doing before they came together. Hyde landed on the shore, Eri went to a children’s park, Agri and Monet went back into the woods, and Alata landed on top of a building, looking over the city.

So, I think its safe to say, that Goseiger was a suprisingly good series. When I say that, I’m refering to the fact that a lot of people, including myself I’m big enough to admit, thought that this was going to be a flop of a series, as big a fail as Magiranger was(to all Magiranger fans, lets face it, Magiranger wasn’t very good as a Sentai). We saw the advertisements, heard the opening, and nearly wrote the series off before it could start. I thought that this series was purposely targeted at the youngest of the sentai audience, and would be too simplistic to really enjoy. But boy, am I glad to be wrong! This series had me hooked from the first episode, and managed to keep me there through the whole series. It was very innovative too, introducing the headers, the use of the card medium (which may not be original, but is new to Super Sentai), senshi that have intra-group alliances (in other words, the fact that they come from specific tribes and that that identity precedes and nearly supercedes their Goseiger identity), and traditionally non-senshi helpers becoming either full members of the sentai or major partners (i.e., GoseiKnight and Datas).

What really defined the series wasn’t just watching the Goseigers develop and grow into their roles, but also watching Nozomu grow and open up through his friendship with Alata and the others. This has been one of the few series to really put focus on a character that wasn’t ever meant to be either a senshi or anything of the like. And in many ways, despite the fact that he’s about ten years old, he matures almost as much as any of the Goseigers. Not to mention that his “childish” understanding of how the world should work is part of what kept the Goseigers on path through some of the more difficult parts of their journey.

Overall, this has been one of the greatest series to come by in a long time, not to say the ones before it weren’t. It’s uncommon to see two equally good and equally popular Super Sentai series one after another. I guess it’s more of a credit to the writers of the series that they can just keep making gems. I just hope that Go-Kaiger is just as great.

Well this has taken me nearly all day to write, due to your usual set of distractions (chores, emergencies, internet-related schtuff

Will you look at that: Gender Reassignment in Go-Kaiger

Now I know what your thinking from the title, “Holy Crap! What kind of show are they making?”, but calm down, it’s not that kind of gender reassignment. Although now that you mention it, who are you to judge?! But seriously, no, it’s not that at all. This has more to do with the speculation over how many members Go-Kaiger will end up with. You see, when the rumors about Go-Kaiger started popping up, a good deal of them dealt with the possibility that there may be more than one senshi with the same color, like say, a male and female yellow, or a male and female blue. Other rumors included the possibility that there would be a number of extra senshi that would have a wide spectrum of colors in order to fill the color gap, such as the Go-KaiBlack rumors. But, according to recently released photos and screenshots, it seems that neither of these rumors were ever true.

There are two main sources that put the final nails in the coffin for these rumors. The first is the released footage from the Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger movie, that shows the entire squadron changing into red senshi from the previous five seasons. That’s a huge indicator that show that clearly any one of them can turn into any previous senshi. The second source comes from a magazine (publication unknown to myself)that has both a two-page spread where each of the senshi are surround by all the previous senshi they will change into in the show AND a foldout poster that feature them in the center and images of the team changed into previous teams organized around the poster. And let me put it this way, there are a number of them who are wearing skirts now that weren’t before, and there are even a couple missing skirts.

Well, here’s the skinny of how the teams will be worked out. Basically, all past yellow senshi are now female, all past blue are male, and Go-KaiGreen will mostly be changing back-and-forth between green and black. Now it’s not completely strict to that. Go-KaiPink, for example, will change into Black Bison from Liveman, KuwagataRaijer, GekiChopper, and Go-OnBlack. Go-KaiYellow will also take the role of Big One from JAKQ, and ChangeMermaid. And Go-KaiGreen will also change into KabutoRaijer. And in two cases the full team isn’t there. SunVulcan only has three senshi, and Abaranger doesn’t include AbareKiller. The only real consistency is that, at least on that poster, red is always male. But considering the possibility that any of them could be any one of those past senshi, who knows what could happen!

But, at the end of the day, who can really say for certain what will happen, and who cares? As long as they do a decent job with it, and they’re able to get past the problems that have shown up in other series that have done the same thing already (although I would like to say that I liked Kamen Rider Decade, even if some people absolutely hated it). And besides, when they’re not past senshi, they’re pirates, and pirates are always cool, mostly.


-M.C., the quantum twin

YouTube – Movie

YouTube – Movie

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Just thought you might be interested in watching this, it might or might not be about Goseiger Vs. Shinkeger, and might or might not mention Go-Kaiger briefly.