Kamen Rider Rumors: Ozu and Fourze in the hizzy! Okay, probably won’t do that again.

Is this awesome fan-art, or what? And the show hasn’t even started yet.

Anyway,the current series, OOO, still has about nine episodes left, but it’s still just pumping out rumors left and right. Man, Fourze has a lot to live up too! So here are the current rumors the the series:

  • Lost Ankh absorbs Ankh, and then fights OOO while OOO is using the PuToTyrano combo. Eiji is able to separate Ankh from Lost Ankh, but loses the other two Purple cores in the process, and this leads to Lost Ankh dissolving into medals, and Dr.Maki becoming a half Greeed.

Exciting, no? We also have some rumors from the upcoming movie, Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals:

  • The movie actually takes place in an alternate universe, at least when Gara appears, and the BuraKaWani combo actually shows up halfway through. By the powers of the medals, the other combos appear to fight Gara, and we finally discover the secret behind the TaToBa combo (why it’s his primary combo, and why it counts as a combo)
  • By the end of the movie, OOO is fighting Gara’s monster form, and runs into a bit of trouble. That’s when a high-schooler shows up and transforms into Fourze.
  • They manage to corner Gara, but then she enters into her complete form, and then creates a Space-themed Yummy and sends it after Fourze.

And finally, we have some rumors for Fourze:

  • The story starts with an accident at Kisigari Gentaro’s (Fourze’s) school, the Amanogawa (Milky Way) Academy. Gentaro is somewhat of a delinquent, so most people in his school avoid him. One day, a mysterious life form is born, and starts to create monsters from a mysterious space energy.
  • A classmate’s dying father created the belt.
  • The producer is Hideaki Tsukada (Gekiranger, Dekaranger), and the writers are Riku Sanjo (Kamen Rider W, Digimon Xros Wars) and a yet-to-be-named writer who apparently has a lot of experience writing for Super Sentai, but has never done anything for Kamen Rider.

That’s at as far as rumors are concerned for today, if I run into anything else, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Ultraman Vs. Kamen Rider Blu-Ray release: Greatest crossover EVER. :)

After 18 years, the only crossover of two of Japan’s favorite superheroes, Ultraman and Kamen Rider, will finally be out on Blu-Ray and DVD October 26th.

Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider is the first and only crossover special between the two series, and includes clips from both series (from the original series all the way up to the then-current series of both), never before seen clips from both series, and assorted other clips. And to top it all off, a final, literally gigantic, fight scene with Ultraman and Kamen Rider fighting side-by-side.

Until now, the DVD release of this special was uncertain, due to the collaborative nature of the special. And there is word that some of the content of the special has been modified (hopefully, not too much). But, one of the new special features for the movie includes a conversation between Fujioka Hiroshi (Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider) and Kurobe Susuma (Hayate/Ultraman). That would be something to see.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Gingaman Tribute Pic.

Here you go.

Go-Kaiger Summer Movie Update: Your soul is mine!

“As expected from you greedy pirates,
you’d even throw away your comrades for a treasure.”

Whoa, wait a second, what’s going on here? Where does that line come into play?

Anyway, we got a good deal of confirmations about the movie the other day, now let’s go over them in a little more detail.

There’s a rumor that a ghost ship is headed towards Earth, and that it’s been collecting the souls of the dead. It’s believed that the ghost ship has rare treasure onboard called the “God Eye”. Believing that the God Eye could help them find the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, the Go-Kaigers go searching for the ship, and the fabled treasure. There’s only one hitch in their plan: it’s said that no one who’s ever entered the ship has ever come out alive. Los Dark, the captain of the ghost ship, is said to have no true body, and plans on using the God Eye to seek out a worthy vessel.

The insides of the ship are a great mystery, and onboard the Go-Kaigers will have to face enemies of past sentais. The hatred that the defeated grunts feel for the Go-Kaigers and all Sentai Rangers causes them to merge into on monster. Thay also run into Agent Abrella (Dekaranger), who informs them that they have collected the souls of 1500 defeated enemies, and a reborn Baseball Mask (Goranger) appears and challenges them to a baseball match (which they play in Goranger mode). And even G3 Princess appears in the movie as cheerleaders(?).

That’s all for now. Try to find out more about it as news comes out.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Actor and Rumors: And you thought high school sucked.

After the MASSIVE confirmation for the Fourze suit yesterday, we are starting to get a truckload of info and rumors about the series, and we getting to know a bit more about Fourze himself, so let’s get to it!

Kamen Rider Fourze is Gentaro Kisaragi (played by Sota Fukushi), a second year, section B highschool student at the Amanogawa Academy. Guessing from his unusual hairdo, he is a bit of a delinquent. He fights monsters created by a mysterious space energy, so he will also go into space to fight them.

Kamen Rider Fourze uses “Switches” to gain additional weapons, and he has four weapon slots on his belt. The only confirmed weapon so far is the rocket on his right arm, but he does have three others, and each of these weapons is represented by a specific shape, similar to the shapes of the buttons seen on a Playstation controller: a circle (for the rocket), a square, a triangle, and a cross or x-shape.

His bike is called the “Machine Masshigura”, and like him, can take off into space. “Masshigura” refers to full acceleration or full tilt.

Of course, his belt is called the FourzeDriver, and contains four weapon Switch slots and a “Henshin Switch” in the middle of the belt. There is a caption on the scan above (next to a close-up of the belt) that reads “Switch On! 3,2,1 HENSHIN!”, so we’re going to assume that that’s the henshin sound.

Beyond the stuff about Fourze himself, real or otherwise, he also have some cast info that’s made it’s way onto the interwebs, starting with: Kasei Kengo played by Takahashi Ryuki (the person we originally expected to play Fourze), Joujima/Joushima Yuuki played by Shimizu Fumika (the first confirmed actor/actress in the series), Miwa played by Sakata Rikako, and JK(Jake) and Yazawa Tomoko played by unconfirmed actors.

And as icing on this big ol’ rumor cake, we have the rumored story for the first episode:

Episode 1: “Him→Me→Switch→Transform”
Gentaro Kisaragi, a student in Amanogawa Academy High School’s 2B, is suddenly attacked by his teacher who was covered in mysterious space energy. He seems to be in an absolute pinch. But out of nowhere, the transfer student Kasei Kengo hands him some switches and a mysterious belt.

Hmm, sounds intriguing. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about him as we get closer to the September 4th premiere.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO show and movie pics: No time for explanations! Ahh!

Sorry, not a whole lotta time for context today, internet keeps going out. Just know that everything after the solo pic of the Chicken Yummy (Date would be happy) is from the movie, and everything before it (including it) is from future episodes. Gotta jet!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

ACTUAL PICS OF FOURZE!: Thank you ThaiGundam.com!

Yes, REAL advertisements for Kamen Rider Fourze! All thanks to the ThaiGundam Forums! Context to come soon.

-M.C., the Super-Excited! Quantum Twin

UPDATE: This one isn’t from ThaiGundam, but still would like to thank them.

UPDATE: Found two more!:

If you look carefully, you can see some incredible details of the belt. Not sure what to make of it, but I’ll let you know if I found out anything about it.

Fourze (form and logo) REVEALED!: Holy crap, that wasn’t fan art!

Here he is folks! This is Kamen Rider Fourze:

And here is the logo:

Between the new logo and his asymmetrical appearance, it looks like there might be some truth to the “Rider Switch” rumors. And it also looks the th pic that came out yesterday might be real too:

So then, his name is romanized as “Fourze” and he apparently uses four different functions running at the same time. I guess that their just gonna keep running with the trend seen in W and OOO (W had two halves, OOO had three parts, and now Fourze has four parts). Even the belt kind of looks like a mix between the OOODriver and WDriver I hope that they stop with this at least after five, because anything past that would just be confusing.

Anyway, it looks like the forms are divided over the head, left and right arms, and the legs (together). Here in his primary form, he has a rocket (red, 1) for a head, his legs are a screw (blue2), his right wrist is a drill (yellow, 3) and his left wrist has some kind of turbo function (dark green or black, 4).

That’s it for now. If I run into anything else about it, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Image leaked: Is this really Fouze?

So this image has “leaked” onto the internet, although this might just be fanart. Anyway, a lot of rumors about Fouze have been floating around that say that he looks kind of like this.

A number of tweets have come up confirming that they did some filming at a university, and that Fouze is a high school student. And we also get some interesting info from this tweet as well:

“My first impression was ‘Explosive Ninja Rocketman’ (left) and white ‘Skyzel’ (right). His arms and legs are like rockets. It’s mainly white, with some yellow lines. There’s definitely a space suit motif in there.”

“The design is really simplistic. There’s a ‘2’ on the left and right side of the belt buckle. His head is shaped like a bamboo shoot, it has a simple look and has the usual bug Rider eyes.”

And it looks like his bike has that same yellow on white pattern, with the number “40” on the front. And it looks like Watanabe Shu (OOO/Hino Eiji) was at the filming, handing something over to someone dressed like a high school student, possibly the FouzeDriver or the OOO Switches reported on earlier.

So we’re starting to get a real feel about what Fouze, or maybe Fourze, but just remeber that everything here is still just a rumor, and only some parts of it have been confirmed. We will ge more info on Fouze as we get closer to the official announcement for the series, but until then, I’ll try to report on any substantial rumors that float by, and on anything else that I happen to come across.

-M.C., the very-sad-because-there-aren’t-any-new-episodes-today Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE Plot Revealed: No don’t go the Ghost Ship, that’s when bad stuff happens.

Two big reveals two days in a row. What are the odds? Anyway, the plot of the movie was leaked onto the internet today, so here it is:

“Any wish, just one, can be granted.”

That is the unbelievable power of the God Eye, a treasure that the Go-Kaigers are seeking. While searching for it, they run into the “Ghost Ship”, and board it. While on board, they end up coming to blows with the ship’s captain, Ghost Captain Losdark. They battle, and Losdark ends up sending the Go-Kaigers to Hell! And the only one left to fight Losdark is Go-KaiSilver! What will they do now?!

The idol group G3 Princess will appear in the movie as special guests, thanks to a “Love Call” from movie producer Watanabe. Don’t ask me what that means, but that was part of what was leaked.

Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship will premiere alongside Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals on August 6th.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin