Battle Hero Absolute Ep.6: Greatest Tribute Series EVER!!!

Hey everybody. Today’s been a little dry as far as toku news is concerned (it’s been pouring rain in my hometown, though), so I thought that I would take the time to introduce you guys to a little web series on YouTube called “Battle Hero Absolute”. It’s a creation of Jabronie Pictures, and is perhaps one of the best tokusatsu tribute series I’ve ever seen.

It’s stars Fernando Jay Huerto as the titular Battle Hero, the masked hero destined to defend the world from the Clarion invasion. In the newest episode of the series, Jay travels to Japan on vacation, speding the day touring across Tokyo with his friend Fernando, when he suddenly finds himself loss and with a Clarion on the loose. And to make matters confusing, he mistakes another masked hero, the famous Gun Calibur, for the Clarion in and clashes in a bullets vs. fists fight that you’ve got to see to believe. Will this case of mistaken identity cost Battle Hero everything? Ckeck out the video below to find out!:

Well, what did you think of that?! Makes you wanna go over and subscribe to them right now, doesn’t it?

And yes, he does pull a lot from Kamen Rider. Guy’s a huge fan, can you blame him?

And if I may say, I’m a huge fan of this series. Keep up the good work guys!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

P.S., They have all of the current episodes of this series on a YouTube playlist, so just check out their channel to see all six episodes.

Ninja Captor, The Lost Super Sentai?

Ninja Captor, The Lost Super Sentai?.

Pretty interesting read from Orends: Range. Could this series above, Ninja Captor, be counted as a Super Sentai series? Read the article above to find out more about Ninja Captor and why we’re asking.

henshinhead End of August/Beginning of September Update: Fourze’s not the only one with classes to attend this fall.

Hey everyone! It’s the start of a new month, that means it time for my monthly blog report. Admittedly I didn’t do one for July/August, mostly because of the at-times overwhelming amount of neews that’s out there, and I got swept up in everything Fourze (btw, Fourze premieres today in Japan, less than an hour away when I started this post). So this time, I’m making sure to put in some of my own stuff this month, even if it’s just this post. I’ll try to make more of my own stuff, but like the title says, I’ve already started fall classes, and I will be a full time student this semester, which unfortunately means that I will have a lot less time to work on the blog. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have special plans for the blog, just keep coming back to find out what those plans are.

Speaking of which, I would just like to say thank you to everyone that’s visited the site over the last month. There certainly has been a lot of you, especially last week. Well over 5500 people visited the site last week, with two days where over 950 people showed up. Over the whole of last month, there were 19,744 visits to the blog (nearly 5000 more than July), and I certainly don’t see those numbers slowing down too much anytime soon. Admittedly the weekly numbers dropped a bit, but that’s stsrting to go back up. The daily average, however, was definitely up from July, putting last month’s average at 637 people a day. And for all of that, I would just like to say, domo arrigato gozaimasu! That’s thank you very much x1000. And I honestly mean that, even if I don’t include some cheesy fan-art thank you pic in this post. Those can be so hard to find. 😛

And finally, I would just like to say two thing: 1) I exist on Google in every country! And 2) I’ll be looking forward to the new SHT line-up, with Go-Kaiger and Fourze. Be sure to check back for all things toku.

Your Friends,

M.C., the Quantum Twin and HEN~SHIN~HEAD!

P.S., Expect to see HenshinHead around more often. He’s finally going to take time out from his busy schedule to tell us about his exploits in the Tokuverse!

[ADEMDUM] (H.H.): Stop making promises for me!

[ADEMDUM] (M.C.): Too late! 😛

Hyper Hobby 09/2011

Hyper Hobby 09/2011.

Here’s a collection of scans from the September issue of Hyper Hobby magazine. It’s a complete collection, and covers all things toku, anime and collectable. Special thanks to Fans Tokusatsu Indonesia for putting it together.

Kamen Cider! Il Drink preferito di ogni Rider! (via [StagBeetle] Fansub)

I don’t speak Italian, but I do appreciate this article. Grazie, [StagBeetle] Fansub!

Kamen Cider! Il Drink preferito di ogni Rider! La Dydo, nota marca giapponese produttrice di drink, sull'onda del successo ottenuto dalla loro precedenti collezioni di lattine ispirate ai Tokusatsu (prima una serie dedicata ad Ultraman e poi una serie dedicata ai malvagi di quest'ultimo) ha rilasciato lo scorso anno nove lattine dedicate ai Riders dell'era Showa. Ogni lattina è decorata con la vista frontale del costume indossato dal Rider a cui e dedicata  (oppure nera, nel caso dei soldati … Read More

via [StagBeetle] Fansub

Toei Official YouTube Channel: Finally, legal Tokusatsu on YouTube! :P

Well, look whose finally catching up. Toei now has it’s own official YouTube channel, where they’ve been uploading random videos from all of your favorite tokusatsu tv shows, from Kamen Rider to Super Sentai to Metal Heroes, and thensome! And since they’re the ones uploading this content, it’s all “legal”, so no chance of them being removed anytime soon.

So far, this service is really only being aimed towards their Japanese audience, so every video is just in Japanese RAW, but at least ou can see them. The account has also been uploading Super Sentai and Kamen Rider movies, as well as Kamen Rider Net Movies, but so far those videos have only been available in Japan. So anyone outside of Japan is going to have to rely on other people uploading these videos onto YouTube. It sucks, I know, but at least you can watch episodes of other toku shows that never really made it onto YouTube before.

Here’s the link to their official YouTube channel:

It’s not certain how long this will last, so go ahead and check this out now. Hopefully, they’ll expand this once they realize how many people outside of Japan are interested.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

HenshinHead REVEAL!: What you’ve all been waiting for YOUR ENTIRE LIVES!

Okay, maybe not, but for long time followers of the blog, he’s finally here! Here is my rendition of HenshinHead. Wanna take a look?:

Well, what do you think? (Don’t be too harsh)

Power Rangers Vs. Super Sentai: Western Recognition

For those of us in the tokusphere, one of the most difficult things in the world is to try to explain our obsessions to non-toku fans. This is especially true for anyone who has ever tried to talk about Super Sentai with someone who has no clue what it is. The main difficulty in explaining this argument is the obvious: it’s impossible to explain what Super Sentai is without bringing up Power Rangers. And we all know what happens when we bring up Power Rangers. They just stop listening. You’re lucky if you can get half of what you’re trying to explain across to them. They assume that it’s just like Power Rangers in America, only with an all-Asian cast. And it’s just beyond frustrating sometimes. Heck, I’ve tried to show people I know this blog, and they just don’t even bother feigning interest sometimes. There are times that I’ve gone very far to try to appease these people, I tell them it’s far better than Power Rangers (though I half-heartedly believe that), I tell them about all the stuff they get to talk about and show and do over there that an American kid’s show would never be able to get away with, I even try to compare it to anime sometimes (in a lot of ways, it is very anime-like, and not just because it’s Japanese). But it just never seems to work. It almost seems like it’s impossible to get across to these people. Almost.

Recently while going through the blogosphere (the general one, not the toku one) and I noticed a few non-toku blogs were talking about the opening scene of the frist episode of Go-Kaiger, the scene of the Legendary War, where all 34 of the past sentais came together to fight the initial Zangyack invasion. Apparently, there are still a few clips on YouTube of that scene, and other people are starting to see them. And from what I’ve seen and read so far, they are just as impressed by it as we are. This is a sign, ladies and gentlemen. A sign that it is time for America to be formally introduced to Super Sentai, in all it’s untranslated, unabridged glory.

Why now, you ask? I’ll give you three reasons: 1) Because Go-Kaiger kicks ass! 2) Because Power Rangers Samurai has regenerated interest in Power Rangers, even amongst people who haven’t had interest in the show since 1995. And 3) Despite the fact that there is a ton of Power Ranger and Super Sentai stuff on the web (sometimes overlapping), it’s like no one has taken five minutes to look up and see that Power Rangers comes out of Super Sentai. We now have a chance to correct that, if anything just so that we can have that on record, and not just on a few blogs and a seldom read Wikipedia page. We have the potential, over the next couple of years, of seeing a huge increase in Sentai and toku fans. If we can just get Go-Kaiger out to more people, we could seal the deal.

Now, your otaku side might be flaring up now and asking “why should we spread our fanaticism to other people? This is our territory, I don’t want to see stupid people trounce all over it. How could we possibly benefit from this?” Well calm down and I’ll tell you. If more people know about Super Sentai, if more people really begin to follow it, then it will have a much greater presence over here. Imagine, walking into an anime convention, cosplaying as your favorite senshi/ranger, and not feeling out-of-place because everyone there thinks you’re dressed as a power ranger, because they know what you’re actually dressed as. A small but substantial victory, but that’s not all. We could have our own toku conventions, dedicated solely to tokusatsu, whatever form it may take. And with greater pressure from an overseas audience, maybe the companies that produce these series will stop being complete jackasses and ease up on how much they restrict their content. I’m still pissed off at Toei, and a few others, and this would be the ace in the hole for getting them to change their policies. Heck, if demand got high enough, maybe they would outright bring this stuff directly over, and have it broadcast over here as it is (not to say there wouldn’t be some slight editing due to content and time restrictions, but you get my point). 

We have to take this opportunity, and take it now. Do what you have to to get the word out. Find these videos and email them to people. Talk about this stuff openly with friends and family. Post this stuff on your own YouTube accounts and Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, or whatever service you may use. Because this opportunity may not come up again for a while, so we better jump on it while we can.

For those of you who decide to do this, I would just like to say, ganbatte kudasai.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger: What’s going on here?

So far, the season’s barely started and so much has already just exploded out of the series. So far, we’ve already learned a lot about where the story has been and where the story is going. Now, you’re probably wondering “How can you possibly know where the story is going to go beyond the next episode?”. Well, first off, stop interrupting me with all these silly questions and just listen; second, at this point, unless you just started watching the series, we all know the Super Sentai series story formula by this point. Everything you need to know generally about the series is usually revealed within the first 3-7 episodes. Within that, we can establish a general pattern for the overall story. Sure, they through in a few twists throughout the series to keep it interesting, but their not going to deviate too far from the formula. So let’s see what we can gather from what we know so far.

Let’s start with the first episode. From that we can gather three things: 1) In the very beginning, all the past sentai lost their powers defending the Earth in the Legendary War, so they probably won’t play an active role in future episodes, at least not until the last few episodes, or one of the movies. 2) From both the intro, and their own revealed background, they opposed Zangyack in the past, and that Zangyack destroyed and colonized their home world, so that means at some point they’re going to willingly and openly fight Zangyack at some point. And 3) They don’t see themselves as heroes, their identity as pirates are first and foremost to them, so they aren’t going to be embracing the idea that they are heroes for a while (even though their name actually means Heroic Rangers). Also, they apparently don’t have their own personal weapons, something that’s been part of the series since Goranger.

Now let’s take a look at the second episode (and some screenshots). First, I actually want to talk about Navi, the robotic parrot that plays two roles. It seems that Navi is both the navigator (duh) and the Go-Kaigers’ personal fortune teller. In the beginning of the episode, he predicted that they would need to find a man wearing black. While they didn’t find him then, he did show up at the end of the episode, but I’ll get to that later. So it seems that they are going to turn to Navi from time to time to get predictions of the future. Now if he could also grow and become a robo/mech then he’d have it made.

But enough about the bird, let’s talk about the part that EVERYONE is talking about. The flashback scene with AkaRed. For those of you who haven’t seen it, basically, the kid from the previews took the ShinkenRed RangerKey from Captain Marvelous, Marvelous went after him, found him, the kid said that he took it because he didn’t want anyone else to be killed like his grandfather was during the Legendary War protecting him, and that caused Marvelous to have a flashback to when he was (I guess) on his world running from Zangyack forces. While he’s trying to fight off the Gomin and get away from them, one of the Surgomin (the ones with the big arms and the blue heads) was about to finish him off when AkaRed jumped in and protected him.


And then he tells Marvelous that their journey together is ending, and that Marvelous needs to continue in his place and find the greatest treasure in the universe, giving him the chest with the Ranger Keys in it. (If you look closely, you can see that the logo on his chest has been changed to the 35th anniversary logo, and I think they also redesigned his belt buckle too)

Afterwards he runs towards the Gomins and fought them in a giant fiery explosion. But there’s something amiss here. First off, take a look at this photo.

Now, just because he’s using a Go-Kaiger weapon may not necessarily mean anything. But he also had the chest and Navi, and in the last shot in this scene, Marvelous is calling out to him in that cheesy dramatic “oh no, he’s just run straight to his doom” sort of way, but you don’t actually hear him, and it almost looks like he’s mouthing the word “Captain”. This makes me wonder if this is AkaRed at all, and not some former captain of the Go-Kaiger crew. I mean, how likely would it be that there could be an AkaRed RangerKey? And if you pay attention to the way Marvelous looks and acts in this scene, he’s not very captian-like. So that begs the question, where did they get the RangerKeys in the first place? Is that AkaRed who brought gave Marvelous the Go-Kaiger powers, or is it someone else who just happened to have the RangerKeys? And if this is someone else, how did he get the RangerKeys, and did he know about Earth and Super Sentai? I guess we’ll have to keep watching and see. While it would be cool, and sem-believable if it was AkaRed, it would also suck, because that means they just killed him off. So, I’m personally going to hope that it’s someone else, so that AkaRed could still be alive on Earth.

So, we’ve seen what we learned about AkaRed in relation to this series, let’s talk about the fact that anyone can use the Mobirates and RangerKeys to become any past senshi. ANYONE CAN USE THE MOBIRATES AND RANGERKEYS TO BECOME ANY PAST SENSHI. How awesome is that?! I mean you pull out the key for the senshi you want to henshin into, flip open the mobirate, insert the key, twist, and just like that, you’re that senshi. Take the scene where Zangyack attacks. Marvelous gives his mobirate to the kid that took the RangerKey, and let him change into ShinkenRed and fight Zangyack.

(The description below says Shinkenger) And surprisingly, the kid manages to hold his own for a minute, at least against the Gomin. He was fine until he took a swing at Bon Gun (a.k.a. monster-of-the-week), when this happened.

He was also thrown into the building in the background, but he was ok. He also learned a lesson about how serious and dangerous fighting evil was, but who cares about that. The Go-Kaiger learned from this kid how precious the Earth was, but that was going to happen anyway. The real moral of the story is that anyone could use the Go-Kaiger’s powers, a major change from past series where only certain people could be Sentai senshi and use those powers. So this could be something that happens again, though I doubt it will happen twice the same way.

Because of this openness, because of this level of flexibility, that’s what allows them to continually change into other senshi and not be restricted by color or gender. Take these  shots from their fight scene.

Okay, so that’s the same color scheme, but look at these other shots.

(I added the third pic so that you could see which senshi turned into which) After fighting as Dekaranger, they change into Hurricanger and right there and then, we see the first real instance of gender/color swapping revealed before now. Then they finish off Bon Gun by changing into various red senshi from different, nonsequential series. I wish I had pics from the finisher they used on him, it was really cool. They trapped him in a fire vortex using GoseiRed’s and MagiRed’s power, then Go-KaiBlue and Go-KaiPink pounded him as GaoRed and GekiRed respectively, and then Go-KaiRed dealt him a final slash as ShinkenRed, and then he blew up.

So, what we can get from this and the previous episode is that they will go through three different transformations in each episode, not including their initial transformation into Go-Kaiger. And of course, now they’ve brought out Go-KaiOh, so now that’s been brought in, and the formula is being adhered to.

And something tells me that they will be sailing off into the sunset at the end of almost all the episodes.

But, there seems, Go-Kaiger will have another special aspect to the series, because this man popped up at the end of the episode.

For those of you who may or may not know, this is Hashimoto Atsushi, he played Ozu Kai a.k.a. MagiRed in Magiranger and will appear in the next episode. For some reason he’s wearing a black robe with the Magiranger emblem on the chest (he also did something very odd with his hair). Not sure what exactly his role will be, but I’m assuming from the preview that he will give them MagiDragon, as there is a scene with Go-KaiOh and it suddenly has wings and a dragon head on its chest. Here are some pics from it (sorry, no Go-KaiOh).


(In the smaller pics, Go-KaiBlue is Big One and AbareBlack, Go-KaiYellow is GaoWhite and NinjaBlack, and Go-KaiPink is White Swan and Go-onBlack) Those are the three transformations, sorry I don’t have any of Go-KaiOh combined with MagiDragon. I can say that the pattern for this show has been established. I can also say though, that this is going to be a very unpredictable series. You never know what a pirate is going to pull out of his bootie! Long live bad pirate puns!

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: (3/1/11) Well, new episode, new information. For anyone that saw the third episode, we saw that during the episode, Kai/MagiRed had tested Marvelous and Doc, well Doc more than Marvelous, and that allowed them to fully access the Magiranger powers, including of course MagiDragon. It turns out that a.) Kai had lost, not only his sentai powers, but his ability to use magic, and b.) that when a previous character comes on, they will test Go-Kaiger in some manner, so that they learn about the real source of their particular powers, such as courage for Magiranger, and that when they pass that test, they will have full access to those powers, and may get a mecha/zord that they then can use with Go-KaiOh. In fact, their are going to be a number of appearences of past sentai senshi within the next few episodes. This includes encounters with DekaRed and GekiRed. For now, here are some picks from the most recent episode.


And here are some from episode 4. Looks like it will be a Joe/Go-KaiBlue focused episode.



New posts coming soon.

New series announcement: Toku’s impact on the real world.

Hey there everybody! Itsa me, M.C. here and I’m introducing a new series of blog posts which will run (hopefully) along with the tokusatsu for beginners posts call “Toku’s impact on the real world”. Basically, it will examine how toku has and still is impacting the world that we live in today. It may be as broad and obvious as research into humanoid robots to something so understated and vague that only my twisted brain could connect the pieces. And this new series starts… Right Now!!!

Recently, Sony announced that they had developed the PSP2 NGP, or next generation portable (for Star Trek’s impact on the use of the phrase “next generation”, please visit a blog about Star Trek, otherwise, keep reading). Of all the awesome new features that it comes with (I would like to stress at this point that I am in no way associated with Sony, I just like what they produce), they’ve made a change in how they format the games for it. Instead of the UMD disc or direct download, they now are going to use flash sticks, similar to the kind that are used for memory on devices like digital cameras, or the original PSP.  

This is a subtle place where I see the influence of toku on the real world. Your probably wondering, what do you mean? Where could you possibly see any real influence? Well, if you could stop asking so many questions and give me a chance to explain, then I can tell you.

In the world of tokusatsu, there are many instances where some sort of electronic identifier is plugged in to a henshin device, or used in conjunction with some other device, like a weapon or vehicle. Take the side by side example below:


That very tiny white thing on display is an example of the kind of flash memory device they plan on using. Now I know the comparison is far from perfect, but think about it for a second. Before KRW came out, the only thing that devices like flash memories were considered for was memory storage. Perhaps on day, while they were still developing this product, one of the developers came into work on monday and said, “Yesterday, I was watching this new Kamen Rider series with my kids, and I had this great idea for how we could change the game format. Lets put them on some sort of removable storage device, like a USB drive”. Then one of the other developers went “No, we can’t do that, that would too big and cumbersome. I know, lets use those little memory sticks that we sell for the current PSP”. Yes, I doubt that happened that way too, but I’m just saying, it could have happened. For more proof of my insane thesis, I direct your attention to the following changers from various Metal Hero series:


All of these devices rely on reading an “electronic” data card in order to work. And thus, toku’s influence on real world technologies. If you want anymore comparisons, look them up. Power Rangers/Super Sentai is so full of these things, it ridiculous.