Kamen Rider Fourze New States: Magnets, Double Rockets, New Switches, and Bigger Heads.

Hey, it looks like Fourze’s getting two new States soon, and we’ve got the pics to prove it. Here’s a first look at the upcoming Magnet and Double Rocket States!

First up, the Magnet State:

This is the rumored state with the even-bigger head. It’s ctivated by using the #30 Magnet N Switch and the #31 Magnet S Switch at full power in conjunction with the NS MagPhone (pictured below). As you can see, in this state Fourze get’s a bigger head, gun turrets on his shoulders (that combine into a big magnet), and the orange Thermo Registyle turns red and blue. Also revealed on this page are the #28 Hand Switch (left leg) and and the #26 Wheel Switch (right leg).

And next we have the Double Rocket State:

This State, which is set to debut in the MEGAMAX movie, is powered by the S-1 Astro Switch, which activates the Super-1 Rocket Modules, which adds a rocket to both arms, and gives Fourze an orange form.

So far it hasn’t been revealed how he attains this form, or if it will carry over into the series.

And finally, we have some new Foodroids and new Astro Switches that should come out around the same time:

Here in this new crop of Foodroids we have: Foodroid 04 Holwankof (the hotdog), which uses the #29 Scoop Switch, Foodroid 05 Softonya (the ice cream cone) which uses the #32 Freeze Switch, and Foodroid 06 Nagejaroika (the boxed lunch with the meat kabobs) which uses the #37 Gyro Switch. Quite the menu selection, isn’t it? 😛

Anyway, that’s all of the new Fourze stuff for now. It anything els pops up, I’ll let you know (hopefully, it won’t be two dats after the fact).

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers Samurai Megabloks Pics New York Comic Con.

This week, New York Comic Con has been in full swing, and news, announcements, and toy displays have been have been pumping out regularly. For this post, we’ll be going through pics of the soon-to-be-released Power Rangers Samurai Megabloks sets. Check out the current pics below:

We’ve got everything here from zords, to made-up vehicles, to even the Samurai Megazord itself. Looks like hours of fun to me!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

New Go-Kaiger Pics: More Machalcon! And some disappointing news…

Hey, new set of pics popped up, mainly of the Go-KaiGalleon Buster, and of Engine Machalcon. Check them out below:

Okay, the more I look at it, the more I keep thinking that there’s going to be a second formation with this and Go-KaiOh, like there was with GaoLion.

And finally, we have this pic showing the RangerKey options for the Go-KaiGalleon Buster. As you can see, they have seven RangerKeys in place, which includes the team and an extra black key. If you look at the on in the picture though, you can see that it’s just the GoseiBlack Key, not a seventh Go-Kaiger. While it’s still a possibility at this point, there still hasn’t been any word on one, so if they have one, it’ll be a while before we hear anything about it.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

First Official Commercial for Power Ranger Samurai Happy Meal!

Here it is, the first Happy Meals commercial to feature the new PRS toys. Prepare to feel kinda hungry!:

Oh boy, it starts this Friday! I know what I’m having for lunch that day. 😛

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Fourze Update: Kamen Rider Club taking a new direction and Fourze has MORE States?

A lot of the rumors that came out about this show have turned out to be true, even initial rumors about an astronaut theme and Fourze being a high school student. Well, it seems now that one proven rumor about the Kamen Rider Club started at Amanogawa High have taken a different direction than they did in the original rumors.

The Kamen Rider Club will still be in the show, but the story behind it will be completely different from what’s been reported up until now. The original rumors said that the club was started to investigate the “Kamen Rider urban legend”, but that’s not where the story is going to go anymore. Check out the article below:


Producer Hideaki Tsukuda says that some higher up from Toei told him to nix the idea. The reasoning they gave him was because Decade, a recent series, already did that and they didn’t want to retread familiar grounds too soon.

There was also a lot of complaining among the fanbase that might have lead to it. The producer seemed pretty bummed out about it, he’s the one that tried to visually link Double to the original Kamen Rider and really loves close ties in series.

Okay, maybe not a perfect translation, but you get the picture. So, now the KRC will have a new purpose all together. What do you think it will be about now?

Moving on, a new toy catalogue scan has popped up for Fourze toys, and it features six figure heads (actual, not political):

The main one is  obviously Fourze in Base State, the next two heads are from the Elek and Fire States, and the final head is from Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra. So what are the two blacked-out heads supposed to be?! Are these new, yet-to-be-announced States for Fourze? There’s not a lot that can be gathered from this page, but it seems likely they would throw in new States at this point, especially since the show just started. 😛 Any ideas on what these two new States could be?

That’s it for Fourze news at the moment, if anything else pops up, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: You that article about the KRC? Yeah, apparently, that isn’t a translation quoted below, that was just a rumor from the person that originally brought up the article. Here’s the real translation:

It states that the Kamen Rider Club is aware and trying to defend against the Zodiarts, and the series will still retain the purpose of being the 40th anniversary series with Riders from the past history. It does bring up Decade being the Heisei 10th anniversary series, and them wanting to do a series to commemorate Kamen Rider’s 40th anniversary.

It also states the club is Fourze’s “backup” with Fourze doing most of the fighting. It also states that Gentaro is the only one who will use the Fourze Driver.

So, the club will pay homage to past Riders, but for the most part, they’ll just be back-up for Gentaro, who will be the only Fourze (sorry, Kengo, maybe you’ll be the second Rider). So what do you think now that you know what the article was really about?

Fourze FourzeDriver vid: How many switches can you count?

The FourzeDriver has already been released in Japan, and there are a number of videos up from Japanese reviewers. Here’s one from a reviewer that I happened to be subcribed to:

So, what can we learn from this video? First, we learn that the Astro Switches themselves don’t make any sounds, I think I read somewhere that they use a set if internal switches (so… many… switches) to tell the FourzeDriver which one is plugged in. So with this, you only need to worry about replacement batteries for the Driver itself. Second, we see that the Driver actually does a lot of things, makes a lot of noises, flashes a lot of lights. You can see all the extra steps they took to beef up the interactivity with the new belt. And finally, we’ve now learned that the power build-ups in Fourze are referred to as “Red Break!’s”, like “Scanning Charge!” in OOO or “Maximum Drive!” in W. How’s that for an exclusive look?

Well anyway, that’s it for Fourze news at the moment, if anything else pops up (which I’m assuming will happen very soon because Fourze will have started by the time this post is published), I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers Samurai Toys Coming to McDonald’s!: Now I really will have a “happy meal”. :P

Rangerboard member Silver Zeo (you might like to chat with him, PaladinZeo), who happens to be a McDonald’s employee, has just informed us that a Power Rangers Samurai Happy Meal promotion is planned for next month (September)! Here’s some of what Silver Zeo said:

“…Starting September 15th we get Power Rangers Samurai toys! . . . I was told there will be 8 toys, I think 6 are rangers and then the megazord and a weapon of some sort if I recall correctly.”

Well, on the off chance you haven’t been able to find any PRS toys in your hometown (I just found some a couple of weeks ago at my local Target), I can’t think of a better opportunity. Any ideas on what that eighth toy could be?

-M.C., the suddenly-very-hungry Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (8/28/11) Just got this screen shot from Henshin Grid, thanks for mentioning my blog on yours!

Here’s the toys coming next month! So grab your younger sibling (or just own up to your geekiness) and get yourselves a Happy Meal this September!

http://www.happymeal.com/en_US/#/Toys (Link to that page on HappyMeal.com, just click the “Next Happy Meal” tab. They will also have iCarly toys available for girls, but who really cares?)

Hyper Hobby 09/2011

Hyper Hobby 09/2011.

Here’s a collection of scans from the September issue of Hyper Hobby magazine. It’s a complete collection, and covers all things toku, anime and collectable. Special thanks to Fans Tokusatsu Indonesia for putting it together.

Kamen Rider Fourze Astro Switch sets: Up close and personal.

Alright, it looks like music day is over. Oh well. At least we can get a better looks at the Astro Swicth sets.

Alright, these are the same sets that were pictured in the official catalogue, only blown up to where they could actually be see. Let’s take a look:

Here’s set 1 with Astro Switches 7 and 8, and it comes with the Fourze Base State Ganbaride card. This is speculation, but I’m pretty sure that 7 is a parachute, and 8 is a circular saw. They actually look very complicated up close.

Here’s set 2, with Astro Switches 12 and 13. Not sure what they do, I’m sure we’ll find out soon. And of course, it comes with a musterious Ganbaride card.

Here’s set 3, with Astro Switches 18 and 19, and a Ganbaride card. These are jumping into the higher numbers very quickly.

And finally we have set 4, with with Astro Switches 21 and 22 and a Ganbaride card.

Each set will be priced at 750 yen, and is expected to be released monthly, with set 1 coming out in September, set 2 in October, set 3 in November, and set 4 in December. Each set will come with a special Ganbaride card for Fourze, presumably those for his different States.

And as a quick guide for the symbols next to the Switches: each symbol or shape corresponds with a different slot in the FourzeDriver, and a different limb in his body. The orange circle is his right arm, the blue X or cross is his right leg, the yellow triangle is his left leg, and the black square is his left arm. And something I haven’t noted before now, but it looks like the slot for his right arm is the one that determines which State Fourze is in. And look at what set 2 features… 😉

-M.C., the Quantum Twin.

P.S.: Yesterday was the anniversary of Neil Armstrong becoming the first man on the moon. Considering the theme for this Rider, that just seemed very relevant. Of course, it’s extremely relevant by itself, but still.

First Fourze Toy Catalogue Pics and New “States”: Fire and Lightning!

Toy rumors for Fourze have been tossed around left and right, but now we have some real pics from upcoming toy catalogues, where we get to see some new weapons, as well as a sneak peak of Fourze’s different “States”. And we get a special treat we had heard nothing about until now; he has his own AutoVaijin-esque robot! Let’s takeoff!:

This is the weapon, or Module, that Fourze uses in his Fire State, the Hi-Hackgun. It looks like it has two mode: a solid locked mode where it fires quick bursts, and a stretched out mode where it fires a continuous blue flame. And you can also see his Fire State here, which is rather reminiscent of Kamen Rider Garren Jack Form.

And this is the Module for his Electric State, Billy the Rod (yes, I know that’s a silly name). It looks like you’re typical eletric sword, with several lightning-based attacks. Although, I have to say, his Eletric State makes him look like Bumblebee from Transformers.

Both Modules come with Astro Switches, adding two more to the mix. The Billy the Rod Module (3800 yen) and Electric State figures will be due out in October, while the Hi-Hackgun Module (3300 yen) and Fire State will be out in November.

And finally we have the Power Dicer, the big yellow robot on the side. It can act as it’s own fighter robot, very AutoVaijn like, it can from it’s own four-wheeled vehichle, or it can combine with Fourze’s bike, Machine Masshigler, for what looks like a vertical takeoff platform (the bike is rumored to be able to take off and fly into space). So far, this is what people have been most receptive to, and I can’t really blame them, it looks super cool. Both the Power Dicer and the Machine Masshigler (5800 yen) are expected to come out this November.

Along with these, Fourze’s Base State figure and accesories are due out this August, and (to our misfortune) robotic assistants called Foodroids, which are based on food that’s been taken into space, are also expected to be released along with the other array of toys.

Well, at least we get the big robot. And personally I like the Fire and Electric Modules, it really does look like equipment I’ve seen used by NASA astronauts. Oh well, what do you think?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: Just found some more catalogue pics, this time for the FourzeDriver and the “current” set of Astro Switches. Take a look:

The FourzeDriver itself will come out September 3rd for 6500 yen, and wil come with the first four Astro Switches. They will also be selling other Astro Switches in sets of two with a Ganbaride card, and starting in September, they will be releaseing a new set every month for 750 yen.

And here we have the Fourze Module Change Series, of FMCS, follwing also in the current trend from W and OOO. First up is the Fourze Base State, with the four main switches. Next is the Fourze Elek State, which comes with four new weapons (Billy the Rod included). And finally we have the Fire State, which comes with it’s own weapons including the Hi-Hack Gun. Each comes out, respectively, in September, October, and November, and each will be 2800 yen.

Then on the bottom of the page, we have the Rider Hero Series figures, in all three States. 800 yen each. And of course, we have your standard, inflatable punching bag, which costs 2300 yen.

Well, they’ve given us quite the sneak peak here. We’ve gotten a chance to see the first 14 Astro Switches, what they can do, and we’ve gotten a chance to see the other two States in better detail. And the FourzeDriver looks way better up close don’t you think? 😉

UPDATE: So it’s true then…

The Foodroids are real. (sigh) Well, let’s get on with it.

Continuing with the robot-helper-powered-by-the-main-gimmick-thing we’ve been seeing since W, we have the Foodroids, which seem to be based on regular food, not on space food as it’s been rumored. First is Bagameru, translated as “Burger Meal”, which is basically a little hamburger that changes into a “Wall-E”-esque robot. Due out in September. The next one is Potachokin, with is a box of french fries that turns into a robot that seems to match Fourze’s Electric, or Elek State (as other people have called it), and is due out in October. And the third one is Furasheki, a shake cup that changes into a a penguin-looking robot, and spins around. This one’s due out in November. Each comes up to 2500 yen and each comes with an Astro Switch.

Also on this same page is th DX Astro Switch Gaban, which is a special case just for Astro Switches. It can hold up to 10 Switches, and it comes with it’s own Astro Switch as well. So you’ll need four cases in all to carry all 40 Switches. Good luck to ya.

I should mention something very important at this point; it looks like some of the Astro Switches will only be sold along with other toys, other accesories, etc. While they are also selling Astro Switches in sets of two, I’m fairly certain that you can only collect certain Switches by buying a Module or a Foodroid, or some other toy. So, basically, the only way you can collect all of the Astro Switches is to buy all of the toys, all of the whatever that happen to have Astro Switches that come with them. So if that doesn’t show how deviously clever Bandai is at taking your money, I don’t know what else could.

Oh well, as a consolation for your shattered checkbooks, here are a few more scans from the catalogue:


This is the awesome cover for the catalogue. Gotta respect a guy that can fly into space on his own power.

Here’s a slighly better scan of the Modules that come with his Elek and Fire States. You can make out a bit more detail from these. Just a quick clarification in the Hi-Hack Gun, it has a gun mode where it shoots fireballs, and a hose mode where it shoots water.

And here’s another copy of the Power Dicer scan, but this time the full page is included, showing two new toys. They appear to be a couple of “Pull-Dash” figures with Fourze performing his Rider Kick, and OOO on the ToRidevendor. Both come out in October for 1600 yen.

And for those of you counting, we’re now up to 20 announced Astro Switches, and the series hasn’t even started yet.