Joh Ohara/Yellow Lion to return in Go-Kaiger: Liveman Alive!

Nishimura Kazuhiko, who played Ohara Joh/Yellow Lion in Choujuu Sentai Liveman, is confirmed to reprise his role on Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger in the Liveman tribute episode!

The confirmation came from Nishimura’s own blog, where he mentioned that wardrobe was fitting him for the show, possibly to recreate his character’s “Miami Vice-style” outfit. The Liveman tribute episode will be directed by Watanabe Katsuya. This is the second confirmation of a pre-Zyuranger sentai tribute episode being made, the first of course being Wakamatsu Toshihide’s confirmation that he would return in the Jetman tribute episode.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Episode Summaries and Pics: Space Ninjas and HurricaneGo-KaOh!

This week was the GoGoV tribute episode, and in two weeks we’ll have the Hurricanger tribute episode two parter! Starring the Hurricangers themselves!

Here are two leaked images from this epic special:

These are the two Action Commanders from this special (appearing alongside each other), Satarakura Jr. and Sandaaru Jr., both are Space Ninjas, and both pose a major problem for the Go-Kaigers, who have no experience dealing with ninjas of any sort. They need the Hurricanger’s Grand Power to defeat them, but the Hurricangers don’t trust the Go-Kaigers, and hesitate to give them that power. Instead, they take their particular RangerKeys so that they can save the world from this new threat. I’m guessing that doesn’t pan out the way they think, does it?

Here are some episode summaries for the next four episodes:

Episode 24: Foolish Earthlings – 08/07
The Action Commander Senden and the former Action Commander Jealoushit appears. Gai wants to take the crew out to eat some takoyaki. Jealoushit was thrown out from Zangyack together with their garbage,  Jealoushit was taken in as a pet by an owner of a takoyaki stand.

After spending so much time there, he remembers how to make takoyaki. When the Gokaiger’s meets Jealoushit again, Don feels like Jealoushit is  more like a disciple rather than a pet. Jealoushit tells the Gokaiger’s  that his dream is now to open up the first space takoyaki stand.

Episode 25: Pirates and Ninjas – 08/14
Satarakura Jr. and Sandaaru Jr. starts wrecking havoc by turning people  into chestnuts. Satarakura. Jr is collecting these chestnuts for some  reason. The Gokaigers are having trouble fighting the Space Ninjas. But  suddenly, 3 other ninjas appear.

Episode 26: Shushuuto THE SPECIAL – 08/21
Marvelous, Luka and Joe are transported to Satarakura Jr.’s “Boki Space.” Yousuke, Nanami and Kouta break into the Boki Space, while Marvelous falls into the worst situation.

Episode 27: A More Than Usual Gokai Change – 08/28
The Action Commander Regaeru appears. After receiving an electric shock from Regaeru’s attack, Luka and Don aren’t able to fight properly. The two of them switched bodies.

And finally, we have some toy pics for Go-KaiMachine FuuRaiMaru and for the next RangerKey set:

This RangerKey set (I believe it’s a Gashapon set) features Spade Ace, Go-On Wings, Tricera Ranger(!), and GekiBlue. I see we’re starting to make our way through the other Rangers now.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Ep.23 Screen Shots: Pirates, to the Rescue!

Here are some screen shots from the most recent episode of Go-Kaiger. This one is the GoGoV tribute episode, and GoPink is featured. Let’s get to the main event:

Yes, that is a man dressed as a woman. Basically, Navi predicted that they would meet someone important by helping people out, everyone split up to find people to help out, and Joe and Hakase ran into her, we’ll say, to give her back an earing she dropped. And then they couldn’t get rid of her. Marvelous and Gai found themselves stuck at some long flight of stairs helping old people climb up them (they just kept coming!), and Luka and Ahim came across a pregnant woman who went into labor just as a certain EMT/former Sentai heroine showed up.

But it wasn’t long before the Gormin showed up, without a leader(?).

Thet fight the Gormin as Fiveman and Magiranger, both of which are sibling teams. There’s a recurring “sisters” theme throughout the show. I’ll talk about that more a little farther down.

After the fight, Luka and Ahim headed to the hospital where the pregnant woman was taken, and found out that the woman that showed up to help was Tatsumi Matsuri, a famous EMT and former GoPink of GoGoV. They call everyone to tell them about this, Gai gives off a very enthusiastic (and somewhat vascular) salute upon hearing this, and they all agree to meet up. Unfortunately, everyone was still caught up in what they were already doing, so they’re stuck for a while.

And you can see what happened to Joe and Hakase.

Not a bad make-up job, really.

Later, when they’re trying to catch up with Matsuri, whose trying to help out a seriously injured young boy, Basco shows up demanding GoGoV‘s great power from Matsuri in exchange for letting the ambulance leave so that the injured boy could be treated.

Because she’s so dedicated to helping out others, she was willing to hand over the Grand Power, but Luka adamantly insisted that she needed to stay behind and help the boy. During this scene, she reveals (in a flashback I couldn’t find screen shots of) that she use to have a little sister, named Fia, who became gravely ill and died before Luka could take her to a doctor, and she talked about how powerless she was to help. Luka was even willing to stay behind and distract Basco by herself, so that the others could escape. But Ahim stepped in and insisted that they needed to fight together, to stop treating her like her surrogate little sister and to trust her to come up with a way out of it. And Luka trusted her to do so, so they came up with this:

This isn’t actually Matsuri in this picture (at least not according to what happened next):

That’s right, she used MagiPink’s magic to disguise herself as Matsuri, so that the ambulance could get through and the Grand Power could be safely kept away from Basco.

Now that’s some clever thinking. Of course, they’ll never be able to use that again, but still.

The ambulance might have been able to get away, but they were still stuck with Basco, not to mention Rio, Mele, and Zuban.

Oh no, what are they going to do?! Oh, right, it’s the GoGoV tribute episode!

It’s a very good update of the henshin sequence. For those of you expecting a Titanium Ranger cameo, I’m afraid you’ll be slightly disappointed. At this point, they fight the summoned senshi as GoGoV, while Go-KaiSilver goes into Gold Mode, and they finish them off with Final Wave and Go-Kai Legend Dream.

Oh, look, new RangerKeys. Oh, darn, the monkey got them.

And here’s what GoGoV’s Grand Power looks like (What’s unofficially being called by me as GoGo-KaiOh).

Yes, they’re water hoses. This new droid is a Fireroid.

Go-Kai Prominence! (That’s the name of the attack)

End of the show, everybody’s fine. Hooray!

And here’s some shots from next week’s episode:


WTF is that?!

Mini pics!


Next week, they change into Megaranger, Timeranger, and Hurricanger.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Hurricanger to reunite in Go-Kaiger: Asanjou! [UPDATED]

Big news for Go-Kaiger! It looks like all three members of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger will appear and reunite in the Go-Kaiger Hurricanger tribute episode!

Shioya Shun (Shiina Yosuke/HurricaneRed), Nagasawa Nao (Nono Nanami/HurricaneBlue), and Yamamoto Kohei (Bitou Kouta/HurricaneYellow) will all be returning in the Hurricanger tribute episode, where the Go-Kaigers will go up against Sandaru Jr. and Satorakura Jr., descendants of villains bearing the same name (I’m not familiar enough with Hurricanger to know who they were, sad to say). This will also be the episode where the Go-Kaigers recieve FuuRaiMaru as the Hurricanger’s Grand Power.

This is AWESOME! It will be the first time an entire sentai team will be reunited in the series. It might only be the three Hurricangers, but that’s how their series started. I’m sure sometime after this, a full five-man team (not intended to be a pun or spoiler) will pop up in a tribute episode, and from there, whole 6+ member teams will be making regular appearances. I know that’s just a wild, impossible-to-pull-off idea, but you never know what will happen with this series.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (7/27/11) Well, not only will the Hurricanger members be reuniting on Go-Kaiger, but they’ll also change into the Hurricangers!

That’s right, they’re not just going to be there, watching the others fight from the sidelines, they’ll be out there and fighting with Go-Kaiger as well.

And here’s the first real look at HurricaneGo-KaiOh.

As you can see, he mostly uses shuriken based attacks and finishers.

And this is the new Go-KaiMachine, FuuRaiMaru. By combining with him (and yes, it’s a him) they can form HurricaneGo-KaiOh.

No word yet on what episode this will be on, or when.

Go-Kaiger Ep.21 Screen Caps: Bouken Spirits!

Here are some screen shots from the newest episode of Go-Kaiger, which is also the Boukenger tribute episode. Hade ni Ikuze!:

And here are a couple of screen caps from the ending credits:

And next week:

And here are a few mini pics:

So it looks like next week’s episode is going to be about Gai and Joe, and it also looks like they’re going to go through a ton of transformations.

And just for conparison, here’s two pics of Ryuwon:

 Before,  After.

/(.O.)\  It’s such a bad makeover that I’ve fallen onto my head! (Yeah, I’m not entirely sure if I get the joke.)

-M.C., The Quantum Twin

Black Condor Returns!: Talk about Once a Ranger…

Well here’s some Go-Kaiger news nobody saw coming: Wakamatsu Toshihide, who played Yuki Gai/Black Condor in Choujin Sentai Jetman, will appear in Go-Kaiger as a revived Yuki Gai!

According to Wakamatsu’s official blog, he will be making his comeback in the Jetman tribute episode, with Inoue Toshiki writing the script. Here’s part the official post:

『海賊戦隊 ゴーカイジャー』に結城凱 復活します!乞うご期待!!            Translated: Yuki Gai will be revived in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger! Please look forward to

Here are a couple of links for this:

No word on when the Jetman tribute will be, but I can already tell that this is going to be EPIC!

And with all of these killed-off heroes making a comeback in the show, this really does bring a whole meaning to “Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger”. 😛

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Super Hero Time Screen Shots: Ok, so they’re mostly Go-Kaiger, there’s a little bit of OOO stuff, too.

Alright, this week’s Super Hero Time has already come and gone in Japan, and the screenshots are already starting to come in. Here’s a bunch of pics from the newest episode of Go-Kaiger:

And here is a new ending sequence with scenes from the upcoming summer movie:

And some previews of Ep.21:

Mini Pics! (Yes, they’re this small)

 Wait, AkaRed? What’s going on here?

And here is a little bit from Kamen Rider OOO:

Not sure if this is this week’s or next, but what’s going on with Maki’s arms??!!! And why is Shingo’s left arm airbrushed over? Hmm………………………………………….

Anyway, that’s it for now, More will be out soon I’m sure.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin