Clash of the Red Rangers airs this month?!: New plot points please.

Well, this is exciting yet confusing news. According to a new set of Power Rangers timeslot listing for November that were posted on Fuñaroboard, it looks like the Samurai-RPM crossover special “Clash of the Red Rangers” will air this month(!). Specifically, the special is listed as airing on Saturday, November 26th, Thanksgiving weekend.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation of this so far, it’s seems like this may be the real date. The thing that’s confused a lot of people about this revelation is the timing. Assuming that the special is based on the Shinkenger Vs. Go-Onger footage, then this special is taking place almost too early in the story line for it to make sense. For example, what will they do with the fight scene where ShinkenRed fights in Super Shinkenger mode while Go-OnRed is using the Kyoryu Disc to become Hyper Go-OnRed? Or what will they do about Samurai Ha-Oh? Or why hasn’t any advertising come out yet? (Funny how Nick seems to constantly plug other specials sometimes for months in advance, and yet these Power Rangers specials seem to just appear). And if they’re making their own crossover special sans the Vs. footage, what exactly will they do with it?

Anyway, the scheduling is always subject to change, but we’ll keep an eye out to see if any advertising comes out soon. We’ll just have to wait and see what they plan on doing.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin