Ultraman Zero GAIDEN Trailer: Sometimes, you have to rely on a sneaky man with a camera…

And that’s where this newest trailer has come from. Check out a super-exclusive, wholy unauthorized, first look at the upcoming, two-part, direct-to-video movie, Ultraman Zero GAIDEN: Killer the Beatstar:

Like the previous side movies, it will be released in two parts or stages, the first due out November 25th and the second on December 22nd. This story will act as a prequel to the final part of the Ultraman Zero Trilogy, Ultraman Saga, which will premiere February 2012.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

New Ultrraman Zero GAIDEN Announcement: No, no series yet, but plenty of movies are due out to fill the void.

Following the success of the recent movie, Ultraman Zero The Movie: The Revenge of Belial, Tsuburaya has announced the release of the a new v-cinema series, Ultraman Zero GAIDEN: Killer the Beatstar.

Similar to previous side stories, the series will be released in two parts, Steel Universe and The Promise of Meteor. The main antagonist of this story will be Jean Killer, and, similarly to the three allies Zero gained in previous movies (Mirror Knight, Glen Fire, and Jean Bot), he will be an homage to the classic toku series Jumborg Ace. It’s also rumored that ZAP Spacy will return as well.

Credits have Araki Kenichi as screenplay writer, and Abe Yuichi as director.

Stage 1 for this two-parter is due our November 25th, while Stage 2 is due out December 22nd. These will act as a prequel to the previously announced third Ultraman Zero movie, due out this December. There is, as of yet, no title for said movie.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin