The Original Ultraseven Mask has been Stolen!

No jokes or clever titles this time. The original Ultraseven mask, which was used in the filming of the Ultraseven series, was stolen this week from the restaurant Joli Chapeau, which is located in Fujikawa, Kanagawa, and owned by Ultraseven star Moritsugu Kouji.

Moritsugu, who played Ultraseven and his alter-ego Dan Moroboshi, said, “The mask is the real thing, and it is my alter-ego. I want the mask returned immediately for the fans who visit my shop.”

Moritsugu last remebered seeing at the restaurant at closing time Sunday, June 24th. He returned on Monday, a day when the restaurant was closed, around noon, when he discover that the mask was missing from it’s shelf. The only thing remeinaing was it’s plastic container, which had been left on a nearby table. After making the discovery, Moritsugu immediately called the emergency phone line.

I don’t know what kind of low-life person would do such a thing, but I hope that they are caught soon! I’ll update you if any more news comes up about this.


-M.C., the Quantum Twin

ULTRAMAN SAGA: Is this the third movie in the Ultraman Zero trilogy?

We have the title for the new Ultraman movie, Ultraman Saga!

Coming in 2012, Ultraman Saga stars Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Dyna, and Ultraman Cosmos. And surprisingly, Ultraman Legend, the combined form of Cosmos and Justice, will also be making an appearence. Are we perhaps looking at a new advanced form? Other UltraBeings are said to show up in the moive, including the original Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace, and Leo.

And in this movie, their new enemy is Hyper Zetton, an alien kaijuu from the same race as Zetton, Ultraman’s toughest enemy ever! (For reference purposes, it’s the one that looks like a giant black lobster.)

Sorry, no plot details yet. But we definitely know it’s coming out next year!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Ultraman Live 2011 in Thailand: OMG I’m so excited! Well, not really, but I’m excited for my visitors from Thailand.

Hey there everybody, I happened to find this announcement poster for the Ultraman Live 2011 Thailand Tour, and thought, hey, at least it’s Ultraman news! But seriously, for anyone in Thailand interested, just read what the poster says, because I can’t tell you much more. Sorry, I don’t read or speak Thai.

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