Power Rangers Samurai Worldwide Day of Play Promo: Nick wants you to be active, by watching other people be active on TV. :P

This is one of several promos Nick has put out advertising their “Worldwide Day of Play”, an event they’ve been hosting for a number of years now. Here, we have the cast of Power Rangers Samurai promoting fit and active lifestyles, while using it as an excuse to hang out on the beach. Take a look:

This is so far the only promo for this event they’ve been in. Such a shame, cuz really, who better to promote something like this? Anyway, Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play is September 24th, and this year they’ll have a day-long live broadcast from Washington, D.C. with fun activities all day, so be sure to tune in! Or just change the channel and sit on your lazy bum all day. I think I’ll go for the latter. 😛

-M.C., the Quantum Twin