B-Day Shout Out! Happy Birthday PaladinZeo!

Hey, just wanted to give a little b-day shout-out to friend of the blog, and my good friend, PaladinZeo. Happy Birthday buddy! Another year older, another year wiser, and all that fun stuff. Just try not to go too far overboard with the celebrations, ok? šŸ˜‰

– Your Friend, M.C.


Ultraman Zero GAIDEN Full Trailer – JEFusion

Ultraman Zero GAIDEN Full Trailer – JEFusion.

Hey, full trailer out for the upcoming Ultraman Zero GAIDEN, you can check it out over at JEFusion.

Kamen Rider Fourze Online Contest!

Kamen Rider Fourze Online Contest!. Via Irsyad’s Way.

Check it out for your chance to win exclusive FourzeĀ Ganbaride items!

Ultraman GIF Lol

Ultraman Epic Slice GIF - Ultraman Epic Slice
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New Power Rangers Samurai Episodes Starting October 1st!

Hey, this popped up on @PowerRangersNews about an hour ago:

#PRSamurai returns with new eps Saturday Oct. 1st at 12n/11c only on @NickelodeonTV! Stay tuned for five weeks of premieres! #powerrangers

SoĀ what do you think about that?!

Memeberships for PMC 2012 to go on sale in September!

Hey, I just checked the Official Power Morphicon website, and it looks like they’ll be selling mamberships for Power Morphicon 2012 starting September 23, 2011. That was it for now, you can check out the announcement here: http://www.officialpowermorphicon.com/2011/08/memberships-on-sale-september-2011/

Kepp checking in for more info about this, and all things Power Rangers and/or tokusatsu!

Hyper Hobby 09/2011

Hyper Hobby 09/2011.

Here’s a collection of scans from the September issue of Hyper Hobby magazine. It’s aĀ complete collection, and covers all things toku, anime and collectable. Special thanks to Fans Tokusatsu Indonesia for putting it together.

here’s a link…

I thought this would be a cool link to follow:


Just don’t say anything about it.

For those of you who haven’t clicked it yet here’s a hint: *cough, Tensou Sentai Goseiger Last Epic, cough*. (Clears throat) Sorry, I do not know where that one came from.

How To Make Japanese iTunes Account to Download Kamen Rider AR Carddass – JEFusion

How To Make Japanese iTunes Account to Download Kamen Rider AR Carddass – JEFusion.

He, this is for anyone who wanted to download the Kamen Rider AR Cardass app I went over last week, this will help you set up a Japanese iTunes account so that you can download it.

Message to the spammers pushing handbags

To the various people who keep spamming my blog trying to advertise cheap handbags: please stop, or I will report you. I’ve been deleting these spam comments now for four days in a row, and it’s starting to get irritating.